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Department Store pulls 'Snuggle with a Struggle' T-shirt

Imagine going to the store to buy clothes for your kids when you see a t-shirt in the boy’s department that reads ‘It’s not rape, It’s a snuggle with a struggle.’ Writer Karen Kunawicz says that’s what happened to her. 274 more words

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It goes without saying

There are some statements, ideas and expressions that are just so stupid that there shouldn’t even be a response to their stupidity. Their words should just stand alone, out there all naked and afraid, with no one even acknowledging them for the ridiculousness that they are. 401 more words

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Rapist Told 14-Year-Old Victim to Abort Her Baby Or She Would Be Killed

“A 14-year old girl was repeatedly raped and after she became pregnant, was told she would be killed if she didn’t have an abortion. The schoolgirl, known as Jane, was living with her parents in Rotherham when she was attacked. 51 more words


PPP demands justice for rape victims

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Social Media Punjab has organized a protests in front of Lahore Press club condemning Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s government for its failure to prevent sexual violence in Punjab. 356 more words


Emma Sulkowicz: The Girl who Cried Rape

Compulsory Diversity News

Perhaps you have heard of the Columbia University student who is carrying around her mattress on campus as both a protest and as a visual arts project intended to drive her rapist out of the University.

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Carry That Weight

Emma Sulkowicz is a senior at Columbia University. She’s currently majoring in the visual arts. For her senior thesis, she decided she was going to carry a mattress around campus to protest the university’s policy about rape. 687 more words

Sexual violence on women in India and Sri Lanka

Everyone knows that it is hard to quantify the number of rapes that happen each year in every country. Rape victims seldom go see the police, in fact a UN study of 57 countries estimates that only 11% of sexual assaults are ever reported, the victim often fearing public humiliation and rejection. 686 more words