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This is our Status right now

This might be a great week for us. We have been contacted by several amazing people in some fantastic organizations. ( I will be more detailed as things develop). 109 more words

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My Faith in Humanity is Ruined


By all means, let’s force rape victims to carry a pregnancy to term! Cause they haven’t lost enough control and autonomy over their own bodies, let’s take away their choices of how they can heal and move forward.

Anti Choice

is it possible to orgasm while being raped? is it still rape if you do?

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On the surface these are despicable questions to be asking; what part of “no means no” is so difficult to understand? But that’s actually the point of the article, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that these two questions (and dozens more like them) are in fact still asked in general conversation and of rape survivors. 115 more words


Federal Survey: 40% of Transgender Prisoners Are Sexually Abused Each Year

The federal Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) this week reported national statistics for the first time on sexual abuse of transgender people in US prisons and jails. 280 more words

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There is No self defense

It’s been an interesting few days. A lot of valuable input from friends and research has led me to some important information. ¬†For some time now, I have been talking with ¬†prison inmates (mostly women), as well as many law enforcement officers about self defense. 524 more words

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I have thought long and hard about writing on this topic – so many newspapers, websites, news bulletins and chat shows have already reported the facts and offered their views. 1,270 more words

Agreeing to Do Something Because You Are Being Tortured or Your Life is in Danger is Not Consent

If you are held at knifepoint or gunpoint by someone who then tells you to give him a blowjob, or he’ll kill you, this is not sexual consent. 188 more words

Understanding The Dynamics Of Abuse