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Welcome to the Real World: Sexual Violence in (and out of) College

The real world. The “real” world. Other than that wacky and totally unreal television show that has plagued our lives since the early 90s, it commonly refers not to an actual place, state of being or  shared objective consciousness, but rather to those harsh subjective realities we are introduced to only after having had on for a while our social blinders, our rose colored glasses, and then violently having them removed. 1,300 more words


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I never really thought of it like this but its so true...

My story continues....

I will start by saying again, as you read this please do not feel sorry for me or get outraged but simply know that I can calmly talk about this without pain or frustration because I am no longer a victim to these accounts and gain strength from sharing them and only share them in the hopes of empowering other women in the world to know they are not alone and that I am here for them to support and comfort them. 978 more words

Sexual Assault

Party Invitation

‘In the dimly lit room, he deftly moved in and out of her slowly, hardly moving but intensely feeling every point of contact.  He looked down at her lying there: one arm up above her head on the pillow; the other loosely by her side, her head tilted slightly to the left, and a blind-fold-shaped slim block of light, illuminating her smoky, closed eyelids. 

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Festive Season

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Such a powerful sharing. We are not alone.

Campus rape: A guide to the debate that's roiling American universities

A recent article in Rolling Stone magazine detailed a brutal gang rape at the University of Virginia. It was a classic tale of sexual assault at American campuses: hard-partying, binge-drinking fraternity members, a stigmatized female victim, and an indifferent university administration. 2,117 more words

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Very powerful article on the current status of college rape and assault....

RAPING PHILIPPINES (Updated with new rape cases)

  I AM NOT DENIGRATING MY COUNTRY. I love my country but I am not blind of its realities.

Before you continue, let me ask: IF NOT DEATH PENALTY, WHAT THEN? 608 more words


The UVA debacle

Ladies and gents, I’m saddened to say we have arrived at the same crossroads again – the rape allegation crossroads. I believe you are aware of the University of Virginia rape accusation circus – the accusations, the shoddy reporting, the fraternity’s fight back and lately, the suite-mate of the victim voicing her support for her friend. 319 more words

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