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Rape? What?!!

I wanted to feel normal but I couldn’t. What happened to me had changed me, as does everything else in our lives that happen. I tried not to think about it. 611 more words


I ask

When I tell you the story of me I do it with the hope that you will take something from it and grow. But know that I not only speak so openly about my rape for others but for me as well. 267 more words


You lay the lingerie carefully out on your bed. Matching bra and panties. Pulsating music in the background only heightens your senses of what you know is coming. 1,430 more words


Keeping my children safe

It was time to initiate the chat with my older daughter this week. She’s 10. She was sat at the breakfast bar drawing. My husband and I were sat near her in the family lounge. 623 more words

Torture - the belt

Trigger Warning: – details of abuse/rape etc

One time my abuser came storming in. He had been staying over, but went home for a few hours. 257 more words

Domestic Violence

There has to be

When looking for ways to create communities that are safety nets for those that have experienced abuse it is important to realize an often missed component are consequences that are fair and consistent. 183 more words