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Mercy Reaching, Jesus Speaking

Rising panic. I can’t get away. I feel used. I’m dirty. Disposable. There is pain. And darkness. All I see is darkness. Just hurry and get it over with… 111 more words


My second Admission to Psychiatric Hospital - what happened next...

🌸 Hey! Great to see you’re reading my blog still! 🌸

*heavily sighs*

That last post was pretty tough to write if I’m really honest! You know the hesitant feeling and regrets that perhaps it was too blunt, or too crude… Psychologically beating myself down, only to realise I actually wrote that experience and hit Publish to “the world” and felt BETTER!!! 2,181 more words


She is so confident in her arrogance
so full of hubris it’s pathetic
her pride blinded her to the modest truth
her walk is so beautifully grotesque… 359 more words

Poetic Ice

Rhode Island Empirically Makes The Libertarian Case:

By accidentally legalizing prostitution they drastically decreased their rape rate.

I think the main thing many social conservatives fail to understand about libertarians w.r.t. crimes such as drugs and prostitution is that many libertarians are… 32 more words

Tai-chi Policy

Rape Culture Explored at WSU (Conclusion)

Wright State University is one of the thousands of universities across the nation which participates in a global culture of violence against women. Amber Vlasnik and Katie Deedrick are the two women on campus who actively work on sexual assault prevention as one of their many focuses on their jobs at WSU.  608 more words

Sexual Assault

Rape Culture Explored at WSU (Part 2)

My first interview exploring WSU’s Rape Culture was with Stephanie Allen the Managing Attorney for Student Legal Services.

What is your job description?

Who do you work for? 2,526 more words

Sexual Assault