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Hey everyone

So…I just finished Cress and I’m pretty sad right now. Don’t get me wrong, the book was great and the end was everything I wanted it to be, I’m just sad that I have to wait untill 2015 for Winter. 297 more words

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Weave

What the hell is a paraben? A diffuser? A BAYALAGE!?

Since the years of ironing hair with a literal iron and ironing board or almost accidentally slitting your throat while cutting your hair with a knife, women have used our innovativeness to create newer hair products and ways of styling our head so the dead cells look.. 201 more words

Disney Princess - Cupcakes

As I said in the last post I made several cupcakes last week including those inspired by princesses from Disney movies.

First I put royal icing on the cupcakes (coloured individually for each cupcake) and then I added the decoration. 99 more words


Animation test 18 -

Not a particularity difficult scene to animate but feels unfinished and I can’t add much due to the timings otherwise everything will move too quickly if I try adding any more motion. 315 more words

University Work

Building Castles in the Air

The enchantress held her captive,

The prince himself was scared,

She was left alone up there,

So she devised herself a tactic.

She was sick of wasting eternity, 105 more words