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My Son was Covered in Hives!

By, Linda O’Grady

Recently, my son broke out in hives.  They first appeared on his legs and gradually covered his entire body including his face He behaved normally and did not seem to be bothered by them. 268 more words

Health Advisory: Do not drink or splash in water from Willamette River

Photo Credit to KGW

By Teresa Blackman, KGW.com Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. – A noticeable layer of scum in the Willamette River has health officials warning people to stay out of the water and by all means, do not drink it. 391 more words


Natural Health: Treating my son's skin infection in Mexico

I am studying herbal medicine, and whist I was interested in this before having my son, after having him I wanted to know much more, to make sure I could treat him whenever he got sick without turning to pharmaceuticals. 664 more words


#30DayChallenge - Day 11 and Day 12

I’m feeling very sad today so this post is going to be short.

I have a skin condition, I don’t know what it is (I’m going to the doctor this Saturday), but the only explanation I have is that I’m allergic or to my own sweat or to the heat… It appears a rash in the skin of my arms and legs and it itches like hell! 138 more words