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Soaps and skin reactions

Allergic skin reactions to a preservative used in pre-moistened wipes and liquid soaps are on the increase, a doctor says.

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Yes, I know it's Monday

And just about everybody on the planet dreads Monday’s. I am probably one of the few that looks forward to them. I love my kids but having six of them home and bored all day isn’t too much fun either. 402 more words

Bipolar Parenting

Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Cephalexin

Hello and thanks again for visiting. I was recently on Cephalexin. I took 4 a day for 10 days along with 1 a day of doxycycline. 128 more words

Allergic to the sun? Part 2

I survived!!! If you read my earlier post about Heliocare and my itchy itchy skin you will be happy to know I made it through without a rash! 97 more words


Homemade Sunscreen/Diaper Rash Cream

My baby hasn’t really had diaper rashes until recently, when she started eating more solid food. I try to keep her from too much acid, but she still got a bad one last week. 414 more words

Healthy Living

Oh, The Horror...

I am in agony.  Burning, itching, weeping, wretched agony.

I am the victim of a natural disaster, a silent and beautiful menace.  The name of the villain in this piece?   751 more words

Sensitive Skin Solved in a Cuppa!

If you have sensitive skin like mine then I truly sympathise. The worst thing about it is getting a rash on your face and having not the slightest idea of what it is you’re even reacting to! 343 more words

Sensitive Skin