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First experience of Elimination Communication/Infant-Led Potty Training.

My twin girls were just 9 months old, finally had settled into some sort of routine and I had felt some sort of achievement. I was finally doing cloth nappies with them which might have made me feel like I was some sort of amazing, superior person doing so with two little babies! 486 more words


My skin is giving me the silent treatment

Like anyone who suffers from perioral dermatitis, trying to find the cause of a flare up is harder than trying to find a DMV with no line, but this time I think I know what caused my latest episode.   591 more words


Hit the Ground Running

The guy two seats in front of me is eating Pringles. The only food he has deemed worthy of consumption on this 7-hour bus ride. The girl directly behind him is wearing leather shorts. 5,875 more words

Arrrrggg My Face!!!! My Hair!!!!

Hey lovelies,

I’m having a real time of it at the moment – my skin and hair aren’t happy.  In my previous blog I wrote about the stress I’ve been under for the last couple of years, and mentioned that I lost a lot of hair because of it – I was literally losing handfuls of it every time I washed.   311 more words


This Galway head is after setting up a new blog with graff and some other nice shit, check it out here.

Graffiti & Art

Rashes from down under and possible solutions

I went to see an internal medicine doctor for my perianal rash that has discharge ( I know, gross). But I have been having this issue for over a year and I wish to some return to wearing underwear without a pad or dressing on my rear! 283 more words

Useful Natural Ingredients To Control Allergies

An allergy, which in medical term referred to as hypersensitivity, can be described as a condition whereby the body’s immune system overreacts to certain substances called allergens such as dust, animal pet dander or even certain foods and medicines.

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