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Doctor said "NO Cure" for Eczema

I had been praying for God to heal my skin problems of rashes and eczema. I was on a steroid prescription cream Twice daily for over 25 Yrs. 214 more words


Herbs for Children: Red/White Clovers

You don’t need a four leaf clover for good luck – any red or white clover will bring you much healing and goodness any day! 106 more words


T minus 16 Hours

I am still a little itchy but my rash does seem to be disappearing which is a blessing however if this was an allergic reaction I have absolutely no idea to what I reacted so severely. 250 more words

Anything else??

I am itching like I have never itched before on both my feet and hand and I am covered from my neck to my ankles in spots!! 131 more words

"Doc, Do I Have Shingles?"

One of the most common questions we get from patients is “Do I have shingles?” Thankfully, shingles is typically a very straight-forward diagnosis and is rarely confused with any other common rash. 266 more words



Rashes are common conditions that occur from a variety of different reasons. In the work place, rashes can occur from changes in materials used or changes in work place environment. 252 more words

Worker's Compensation

Room air, possible discharge tomorrow

Evelyn is looking and feeling much better today. They turned off her oxygen last night and she’s satting in the 90s!

They will monitor her for 24 hours and if she continues to sat well on room air, we can go home tomorrow!

Evelyn In The Hospital