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Celeste and Jesse Forever

Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) had a happy and glorious time as a married couple. Yet, they have decided to divorce. And, instead of avoiding and hating each other, Celeste and Jesse do their best to maintain their exceptional friendship. 365 more words


Your summer reading list: Rashida Jones, Elizabeth Gilbert, Bill and Melinda Gates and many more share their book recommendations

Summer: the season for cracking open a good book under the shade of a tree. Below, we’ve compiled about 70 stellar book recommendations from members of the TED community. 4,200 more words


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Confession time. I was once a proud and loyal member of a competitive reading club called "Battle of the Books." Let that soak in before I continue- unless you're my parents. I believe they have actually intentionally removed that fact from their memories due to embarassment. To be fair, I wasn't exactly an adorable little angel at my competitions. All of the aggressive answering of lit trivia and loud smacking of red buzzers with sweaty palms would be odd coming from anyone. Throw in the fact that I was a plump and "Mrs. Kutcher" T-shirt wearing little girl... it was all kind of unsettling. As you can see, reading has been something I'm passionate about since I was little. I have always had at least three books on the go, and have been made fun of for carrying a novel with me at all times. It goes without saying that when I come across a great reading list, or a fantastic suggestion, I get EXCITED. With suggestions from Rashida Jones (my spirit animal/dream bestie,) Elizabeth Gilbert, Amanda Palmer, Melinda and Bill Gates etc, this list was too good not to share. Check it out and tell me what you think- I've already started planning which ones I'm going to tackle first! :)

Jimmy Fallon vs. Parks & Rec

Just a fun little video for a Monday, featuring the cast of Parks and Recreation versus Jimmy Fallon in a Glee-style sing-off from a couple of years ago.

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How I'm Spending My Week

As I stated in an earlier post, this week will be a bit erratic as I am attending the Television Critics Association Summer Tour (TCAs). On Sunday, I saw NBC’s offerings for the fall and got a chance to interview Lenora Crichlow from  28 more words

Diva Gals

Katherine Heigl, Kate Walsh & More At NBC TCAs: Beauty Battle

Celebrities gone glam! NBC stars looked amazing at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on July 13 for the annual Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer Press tour. 425 more words

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Starring: Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, Chris O’Dowd, Ian McShane

Directed by: James Griffiths

Synopsis: Beneath Bruce Garrett’s under-confident, overweight exterior, the passionate heart of a salsa king lies dormant. 349 more words


The One With Rashida Jones

I’m with Hammy here. Rashida Jones is dreeeamy. You know, in one harmless old guy’s opinion.

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