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Busy Phillips Shares Her Biggest Wardrobe Mishap

We’ve all experienced a wardrobe malfunction here and there, but for the stars the stakes are usually much higher. While a run in your tights might forever be uploaded to a friend’s Instagram account, for someone like Busy Phillips, it means the gaping holes in your designer dress may be witness by Oscar winners and captured by red carpet photographers. 267 more words


HULU Renews Seth Meyers’ & Mike Shoemaker’s 'The Awesomes' For A Third Season

Hulu has officially announced the renewal of their original series ‘The Awesomes’ for a third season set to premiere in 2015, with the second season currently underway. 385 more words


Celeste and Jesse Forever

Beberapa malam yang lalu nonton film di televisi channel apa ya, lupa, maaf. Awalnya nonton karena terpesona sama kelucuan pemeran prianya (yaelaaaaa). Hehe. Kemudian berhubung sudah malam dan bisa fokus nonton, dengan kata lain tidak ada anak anak yang gerecokin sebentar sebentar panggil “Bunda… Bunda… Bunda..” (curcol dikit) lama lama mengikuti jalan ceritanya yang lumayan manusiawi. 707 more words


Celeste and Jesse Forever

Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg are best friends in the kind of touchy-feely way that is annoying to everyone around them, they are also married, which would be great if they weren’t also getting divorced. 112 more words

Live Blog Movie: Celeste & Jesse Forever (Spoilers)

Best title sequence. Next to Doctor Who, of course. 

I love their german accents. Oh what woah, they’re a divorced couple?

Okay, pretending to jerk off lip cream sounds awesome. 1,099 more words


Celeste and Jesse Forever (2011)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Cast: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Elijah Wood

Synopsis: Childhood sweethearts Celeste and Jesse are getting divorced but can they manage to stay best friends? 703 more words