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#Russia Says It Will Respond To #NATO Troop Rotations In East Europe

After this week’s interview of NATO Secretary General Rasmussen that the Guardian printed and before next week’s NATO summit in Cardiff expected to decide on aggressive measures against Russia, Russia announced already what it will think of the move. 429 more words

#NATO’s Summit in Wales: Why Anders Fogh-#Rasmussen?

Anders Fogh Rasmussen is the much-loathed General Secretary of NATO, the civilian mouthpiece of this belligerent military organisation. The prime role of the General Secretary… 807 more words


Western intelligence is becoming an oxymoron

Western intelligence is becoming an oxymoron

As escalation between NATO and the Russian Federation is vamped up by the unelected spokesperson of the 28 nation bloc NATO (Rasmussen) ahead of the scheduled September 4 meeting in Wales; it becomes incumbent for a public discussion of the claims made. 247 more words


Mega Dads' Adam featured in Rasmussen student spotlight article.

I’ve been featured in Rasmussen College’s student spotlight. If you’re interested in reading more about how Mega Dads came to be, click the link below! 8 more words


rasmussen -The Pied Piper of Europe

Only with a reference from the mind of a fruit fly could NATO claim “long-standing ” ties with Ukraine. rasmussen the Führer of NATO apparently has such a mind as he makes the bombastic claims as the unelected leader of western forces visited Kiev and received a medal from poroshenko for his help in covering up the Juntas war crimes. 336 more words



SHOCK POLL: 40% STILL NOT SURE OBAMA IS AMERICAN CITIZEN…Rasmussen Reports ^Posted on 7/21/2014, 1:27:56 PM by BJ1Just as many 23% say the theory that Obama is not an American citizen is true, with another 17% who aren’t sure. 96 more words

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Short Story : Armed & Dangerous

The following Short Story is the first of many, set in the world I’ve created(Tunundul) for my fantasy/steampunk novel. The aim is to flesh out the world a little and give a bit more depth to some minor characters (and possibly a couple of the main characters) that you’d come across when I get published. 1,916 more words