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Bartop Arcade Cabinet

I’ve wanted to make an arcade cabinet for a long, long time. I looked at a lot of different options to get started. There are some good (but expensive in my opinion) kits on ebay for the basic cabinet but since that’s really only a fraction of what is involved I thought If I was going to choose, make or design everything after that, I might as well make the cabinet from scratch too. 388 more words


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Hello! … I’ve been quite some time experimenting with the library Yousup , which allows you to interact with WhatsApp server, so we can receive and send message from our Raspberry Pi, even this can be from some Linux distributions. 15 more words


GPIOLED in the FreeBSD on the Raspberry Pi

FreeBSD supports GPIOLED(4).
Here is a description how to work with it on the Raspberry Pi (for example). 304 more words


Slice of Pi

For my birthday this year I was treated to a Raspberry Pi.  And since I don’t know enough python yet I can’t make it do much.   230 more words

Gert VGA board on an A+

I assembled my new VGA adapter last night, I’m not sure when I’ll build the kernel for it.

I’ve put it onto an A+ for the photo

Raspberry Pi

Connecting XBee to Raspberry pi

Last one week I was doing some research on RF communication and controlling devices using RF. So what am I going to control here, I wanted to control the water pump running in my… 615 more words

Raspberry Pi

Odroid W ADC

One of the advantages of the Odroid W is that is has 2 onboard ADCs that are perfect for the current/voltage sensor. They support up to 2.5v max while the AttoPilot 90A/50V goes to 3.3v max. 385 more words