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Send Head-tracking X and Y points from Javascript to Python with AJAX and CGI

Whats involved

To do this first there must be a apache 2.0 server must be install this can be seen on my previous blogs. The Apache server must be configured to allow python scripts to run and to send the relevant information to the python script using… 1,165 more words

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

I recently helped out the Dunedin Gasworks Museum with creating their digital signage system using a Raspberry Pi.  The aim was to create a system that was very easy to use and update the content, but at a low cost. 293 more words


How to install Sick Beard on Raspberry Pi

Hi there! Like many others, I bought a Raspberry Pi and put it on my desk for a while. But after a few months I started trying some things like home automation, IOS print server and automated downloading. 1,894 more words

Raspberry Pi

Our Maker Space

My favourite project around the house right now is creating a Maker Space in our basement.  It was previously unfinished and we’ve slowly been working on it since we moved into our home a year and a half ago. 986 more words

Installing linux-dash on nginx on raspberry pi

Secondary title: How to monitor raspberry pi remotely

linux-dash is a cool project that displays stats about a linux machine through the browser. It is a cool webapp to install on the pi. 338 more words

Wikipedia people on Raspberry Pi

Monita, my Hispanic maid, sniffed my socks in disgust, then said quite unexpectedly, ‘I love those hunky wrestlers.’ It got me thinking. It got me coding Python on my Raspberry Pi. 615 more words


RPi's GPIO pins over UDP

A lot of applications require controlling GPIO  from another PC so today I share a small python that allows client to control pins over network. 246 more words

Raspberry Pi