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Screen Output

As seen from my previous blog post, I started following some tutorials on creating an Operating System for the Raspberry Pi. You can find the blog post  524 more words


Floppy music

There are many videos on YouTube, where people use Arduino to make music with floppy drives. As you maybe have seen, then the most popular videos are created by… 114 more words

Raspberry Pi

The Creator CI20 Android/Linux microcomputer starts shipping today for $65

London-based Imagination Technologies has announced that it is now shipping its Creator CI20 microcomputer. This direct competitor to little-computer king, Raspberry Pi, is noted specifically for its low-power requirements while still pumping out high-performance graphics. 657 more words

New Product

Simple Raspberry Pi OS

Another of my little side projects I’ve been doing is following the online tutorials from Alexander Chadwick from the University of Cambridge. The tutorials are called Baking Pi, and shows you how to create a simple Operating System for the Raspberry Pi using Assembly language. 453 more words


Using voice to edit images

Arkwood is in a rage. You see, my sordid Belgian buddy is in love with Daphne, the plump spotty girl who works down the chippy. But, alas, she has fallen for Wayne, the deep fat frier. 933 more words


Previous Projects

The task was to replace the aging min Mac units that were running constant photos for patients to enjoy at a doctors office that I was contracted to do. 136 more words

First Contract Job