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Free Open Source Program buat Chip design and analysis

Dengan berkembangnya teknologi embeded device maka teknologi chip juga semakin ikut berkembang. Untuk menghasilkan sebuah embeded device yang bagus maka diperlukan desain chip yang bagus pula. 609 more words


Kumpulan Tutorial Raspberry Untuk Pemula

Perkembangan industri semikonduktor dan teknologi embeded system yang semakin pesat melahirkan beberapa produk-produk fantastis seperti Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, Arduino, HackRF dan masih banyak lagi. Raspberry adalah produk yang lumayan populer dikalangan penggemar embeded system. 138 more words


Icecast2 and the Raspberry Pi

Icecast2 is a free audio streaming server which supporting the shoutcast protocol. MPD is a music player daemon which serves as a backend for playing audio. 93 more words

Raspberry Pi

Локальний відео сервер із Raspberry Pi .(Відео урок)

Вирішив записати не великий туторіал як зі вашого raspberry pi зробити локальний відео сервер за допомогою вебкамери та самої “малинки”. Відео та сам код під спойлером.  21 more words

Уроки Linux

NFC on Raspberry Pi

Directly connecting NFC to Raspberry Pi

So during my adventure of using the Raspberry Pi, I came across a NFC breakout board that I bought from here 678 more words


Raspberry Pi - Minecraft

I don’t know about you, but for my Year 5s, Minecraft is a way of life – for the past 3 or 4 years I’ve seen it grow and grow in popularity to the extent that it’s no longer something cool to talk about, it is beyond cool, it’s just assumed that everyone knows what it is and plays it. 1,459 more words


The relayr Team Hackathon

The very first relayr team Hackathon took place this week in our office. For a few of us, it was the first opportunity we had to get down with using the WunderBar, and even the least technologically astute among us got a chance to experience what it was like to develop software for the physical world. 419 more words