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Communications série avec un Raspberry Pi

Il y a quelques temps, j’ai succombé à la folie du Raspberry Pi., un petit ordinateur tenant dans le creux de la main, ne demandant qu’à se connecter pour démontrer toutes ses capacités.  650 more words


The Future is Now

“It’s going to be an interesting decade.”

So Kathryn Myronuk proclaimed to a contingent of UNICEF staff inside a classroom at Singularity University, in Mountain View, California. 1,276 more words


ASTROGUN is like Asteroids on Steroids

As the Jerusalem mini Makerfaire approached, had to come up with something to build. His final project is something he calls ASTROGUN. The ASTROGUN is a sort of augmented reality game that has the player attempting to blast quickly approaching asteroids before being hit. 288 more words

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The first (real) app I ever made

I was browsing the internet tonight when I remembered an application I made around a year ago, one in which I consider to be the first (real) app I ever made and one of the first I actually released. 416 more words

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Raspberry Pi FM Transmitter

Hi everyone. Today I´m going to show you how you can make a FM transmitter out of your Raspberry Pi.


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Get Notified When Your Raspberry Pi is Booted with Pushbullet

When working with a headless Raspberry Pi, it’s nice to know when it’s back up and running during a restart. An easy way of becoming notified when your RPi is finished booting is to have it send a notification through the phenomenal service, … 223 more words

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Installing and configuring Subversion

Arch Linux ARM provides a Subversion package. The version number is 1.8.9, which corresponds to the most recent production-ready version at the time of writing. To install it, we type… 111 more words

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