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Stripping down a standard Raspbian installation

Rasbian stripped down to its bare bones runs only the absolutely essential software and it can be useful when you want a very lean system. At Qruize we do a headless minimal setup that can just get the job done while not eating up precious CPU cycles or RAM. 315 more words

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Установка термопринтера

На данный момент у меня есть чудо-принтер Seika Km1x который я и хочу подружить с малинкой.

Для начала необходимо установить CUPS здесь особо не требуется помощь поиск в сети рули. 96 more words

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Serial on the Rasperry Pi with Python


There are two hardware possibilities for setting up a serial connection with the Raspberry Pi. The first one is by using a USB to Serial rs232 connection such as the… 230 more words

HummingBoard, The Vastly More Powerful Raspi

The Raspberry Pi has been around for a while now, and while many boards that hope to take the Pi’s place at the top of the single board ARM Linux food chain, not one has yet succeeded. 200 more words


Improved Raspberry Pi Power Supply


I wanted to improve the power supply for the Raspberry Pi to remove all the adapter cables and to allow the Pi to be powered without arming the motor.   292 more words

Raspberry Pi

Obsoleet s02e02

Obsoleet s02e02 – RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi

Show Notes

In this episode, we run RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi.

About the Raspberry Pi – … 48 more words

radiation detection with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a nice piece of hardware.

Moreover, it can be expanded with an “Arduino to Raspberry Pi connection bridge”, which allows it to interact with other boards made for Arduino. 680 more words