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Iliodor, Rasputin, and World War I

“Go to St. Petersburg,” said the Holy Mother, the Virgin of Kazan, to Grigori Efimovich Rasputin. And so it was that Rasputin left his Siberian home and traveled to St. 1,023 more words

Romanov Family

Baba Yaga

Mr Putin should avoid WWII references because he may come out on the short end of them.

Russia has never overcome its inferiority complex dating from 1905, when Japan treated its Imperial forces like bad sushi. 68 more words



DATE OF POST 12/13/1915


Even a Russian antagonist can enjoy to eat breakfast, especially when he is the grandfather of a brekfest icon such as Maria Sharapova! 251 more words

St. Petersburg Saga

This post could just as easily be titled “No Running in Russia.” The beautiful city of St. Petersburg has more than enough sites to fill several days of travel. 655 more words

Tara's Birthday

Me and the Birthday girl.

I have a very small group of friends that are “the girls” you know that one group that can get together after not seeing each other for MONTHS and spend HOURS just laughing (and eating). 219 more words

Anastasia, the film, and Rasputin

I caught the film Anastasia on film 4 this afternoon.

This film portrays Rasputin as an evil man who wanted to murder Anastasia Romanova but in reality he tried to secure a truce between Russia and the central powers which would have ended World War One far more quickly. 397 more words


Litvinenko vs. Rasputin

The Death of Rasputin

Eight years after the poisoning of Aleksandr Litvinenko with radioactive polonium, Britain has suddenly opened an inquiry into his death. [1] 652 more words