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Ratebeer and the man of 10,000 ratings

10.000. Ten Thousand. A nice round number, the firstĀ  whole 5-digit number. A number that has gotten more attention since Malcolm Gladwell applied it to the theory that you need 10.000 hours of practice to achieve a mastery in something, whether it is music, technology or knitting. 1,045 more words

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Copenhagen Rising

Charlie Papazian’s now-extinct Beer Town USA online poll, by virtue of the name, excluded foreign cities. Otherwise people might vote for Munich or London, or probably Brussels. 62 more words


Gray Market/White Whale

Gray Market/White Whale wasn’t just a fun story to write for All About Beer (Vol. 31, Iss. 2, 2010), I got to expense three beers at the top of my own personal Wants list! 33 more words

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The Ticker story

Dedicated Drinkers and Their Drive to Document (a.k.a. “The Ticker story,” Vol. 30, Iss. 4, 2009) is about the most prolific RateBeerians and BeerAdvocates and begins with this suitable quote from Simon Pegg (who, the best of my knowledge, is not a beer ticker). 17 more words

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When it comes to beer, taste isn't all that matters

In case you’re not among the 23,405 people who stopped by my blog on September 22, you aren’t one of the visitors who are still finding Ben’s Beer Blog in numbers that put my former best traffic days to shame, or you haven’t stumbled onto one of the… 1,912 more words

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