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Q: Without a God, What Stops You From Stealing, Raping, or Killing?

(The following is my reason why asking the question above makes me question your cognitive faculties):

A: This question, when asked, makes me very nervous to be around the person asking. 338 more words


Do Not Be Concerned, Be Rational: Why Intense Worry Of Ebola Is Negative For Your Wellness

Don’t Worry, Be Rational: Why Extreme Fear Of Ebola Is Bad For Your Health

A licensed clinician participates in a CDC training course in Alabama earlier this month for treating Ebola patients. 28 more words

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"When Making Your Choice in Life, Do Not Forget to Live"

Samuel Johnson best said it,

When Making Your Choice in Life, Do Not Forget to Live.

As philosopher Renata Salecl states, we are so focused on personal choices, that we forget to make the important choices, the social ones.  

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Innovating Innovation

He wasn’t talented enough, he thought.

To join Disney Animation Studios as an animator.

So he became a scientist

A Computer Scientist.

He has had a hand in innovating with a team, in a whole new way. 973 more words


RPE Remote Services

The RPE Remote Services have been with RPE from version 1.0 and their capabilities have been increased constantly. However the support/information requests I see seem to indicate that these services are not widely used. 22 more words

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How do you know you won't regret a life-changing decision?

You don’t. It could be the best decision you ever make in your life or the worst – as some people might view it. I don’t have the same view. 437 more words

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Teaching Teachers

To the question “What is Contemplative Political Philosophy?” we propose three answers: (1) That “political” is not the equivalent to the political machinations of politicians, neither does “political” come down to the power hungry, unscrupulous “necessities” of the so-called “real world.”  Nor is “political” identical to “social” as we refer to a “social” or “gregarious nature,” of the kind parents have when “bonding” with children.   179 more words

Contemplative Political Philosophy