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New hashtag recommendation: #DGB (Did Google Break?)

In case you didn’t know, we live in a connected world with connected devices. If you have a phone that flips out and texting the letter F means tapping the number three three times, pinch yourself. 436 more words

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RPE Stability Testing

The RPE SVT team ( System Verification Test) performs periodically what we call a “long run” test of RPE. This test involves running a large number ( 6000) of remote document generations. 220 more words

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Troubleshooting DNG document generation with RRDG

When DNG’s “Generate a document style report” feature misbehaves you should go through the following actions:

  1. check rrdg.log for additional information. The log file is location is…
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Why Solar???

The question is why solar? Besides the obvious environmental impact any system i would install would have to make financial sense.
Based on my current usage here’s my rational. 287 more words


Logical Fallacies


This is a guide to using logical fallacies in debate. And when I say “using,” I don’t mean just pointing them out when opposing debaters commit them — I mean deliberately committing them oneself, or finding ways to transform fallacious arguments into perfectly good ones. 6,246 more words


IBM Rational on Slideshare

Another source of Rational education in general and RPE in particular is the IBM Rational software channel on Slideshare. IBM Rational has posted +70 presentations and other documents that cover a wide set of products. 48 more words

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Iconic Italian Kitchen Reinvented With Sleek Simplicity And Rational Style by Decorationzy

The design and style of contemporary kitchens is certainly constantly evolving and each and every year sees the unveiling of several brand new, sensational kitchen models that try to hold up with the ever-expanding demands of the urban consumer. 24 more words