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Greg Koukl's imaginary link between rationality and determinism

Greg Koukl is once again claiming in his most recent podcast that, were determinism true, there could be no rationality.

I addressed this to some degree in previous posts, but it’s worth reexamining in a more rigorous manner. 867 more words

Greg Koukl

Negotiation and Middle Side

What is negotiation really about? For me, it means a conversation of 2 or more sides about certain issue that needs to be solved in a way where both sides are going to be happy with the decision. 284 more words

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Food For Thought #14 - Benefit of The Doubt

Yesterday we talked about the importance of not allowing emotions dictate our reactions by following the #best practice: Think Twice, Speak Once.

Let’s expound on that today by understanding how important it is to: 398 more words

Best Practice

The end is near

Several days pass and there is no spider to see. At first I believe Daddy-O will return. He did before, after 24 hours. Each day that goes by, I resign myself to The End. 139 more words


There are no right answers in life.

We wander on Earth, asking questions about ourselves and others.
Ever thirsty for answers that will make us smile and think “That makes sense, I think that’s it”. 179 more words