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You're Right

One of the most difficult times you may encounter in your lifetime is giving up your right to be RIGHT. It’s like handing someone your most favourite slice of cake when its the only food left to eat on earth. 1,103 more words



We really had a good friendship, and I feel like I’m ready to find out if he would be open to being friends with me… I know its been just over a month and surely I’m not over him in that time… but the only way of truly knowing would be to just put myself out there… really though, to avoid total catastrophe… I have to ask myself: 774 more words


How I stopped being sad

I don’t really get sad, and I haven’t really been sad in the last couple of years. Well, of course I’ve been sad some times, but seldom more than an hour or so. 315 more words



If attachment to the “present” circumstances is a fiction, then we have an clue to the Socratic riddle that “philosophy is learning death and dying.”  Socrates might have said were he privy to our contemporary parlance “letting go.”  But he said that “philosophy is learning death and dying.”  I said to a milkman who is a Zen Master today that I could not but teach contemplatively.   93 more words


Boo-loney!: The Bible vs. Ghosts

In time for Halloween, I would like to take a moment to strike down the belief that a fair amount of believers in the Judeo-Christian God hold, empirically speaking. 583 more words


The War of Sanity

Our life is a War. A War to remain Sane. Remain rational. In this field, I see many warriors fallen.

We live a world where we have to struggle to remain sensible.

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Hi - here's what to expect

Hi readers (and I hope there are some of you).  Welcome to my blog.  I’ve finally started the blog I’ve been thinking about doing for years.  344 more words