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Should there be Public Holiday on demise of a leader???

A Public Holiday is assigned if a great leader passes away. What I dont understand is why general public should entertain a holiday on someone’s demise. 189 more words


Warning!! do not get too attached with the ‘Sub’ ject


I have been eating at subway fairly regularly, since the beginning of this month. There is this manager or worker there who smiles every time I come.

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David Foster Wallace: “This is water, this is water.”

I got a little carried away this morning following a rabbit hole of David Foster Wallace writing.

This 2005 Kenyon Graduation speech is a confusing bit of clarity. 692 more words

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Donald Rumsfeld vs. The IRS

Apparently Donald Rumsfeld sends an accompanying letter with his IRS returns every year requesting them to simplify the tax code to be more, well, simple. 43 more words

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Sometime only idea you can have in a situation is anger but wait after that somewhat rational idea comes, The preferred one


When you're sick, the last thing you do -- after dying -- is check the internet ...

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling great.

Over night on Sunday, I felt like someone kicked me in the crotch. Apparently there’s very little difference between stomach cramps and being punched in the balls. 178 more words

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My very first rational application experiences

Status: unfinished

Version: 1

Bus driver example:

I see the bus that I take going past me to the bus stop. I run really fast. I take my cell phone and purse out of my pocket to avoid its jumping around. 317 more words