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Beliefs and aliefs

What does it mean to believe?

This is not supposed to be some Deeply Wise prod to make someone write philosophical accounts of the mystical uniqueness of human consciousness or some such. 685 more words


Control of the Head

“One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche


"The joy and martyrdom of trying to be a Bayesian"

Bayesians have all been there. Some of us don’t depend upon producing publications to assure our pay, so we less have the pressure of pleasing peer reviewers. 33 more words


My Facebook News Feed

Last week one of my Facebook friends posted a status that went something to the effect of, “Hey everyone, you know those gruesome videos of journalists being beheaded or people being bombed or animals being abused? 822 more words


Life of Silence

To be witty, smart, funny and clever. The media perpetuates such an image, all the people like such a ‘cool’ person. 

In reality this sadness which we feel at not having been quick enough to cut somebody down to size in the moment of heated discussion, that feeling of having missed out, the disappointment that not everyone within earshot is now aware of just how scathing and sarcastic, how mean and irrational we can be.  157 more words