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The Motte and Bailey Doctrine

(More than meets the eye)

As most people who read this blog are aware, I’ve read and have been subject to lot of religious apologetics. Either online or in meatspace. 1,292 more words

Cognitive Science

Is it better to choose unconsciously?

When To Think Less About Your Choices

Smart people have a tendency to think hard about the choices they make. Who are you going to marry? 122 more words

Behavioral Economics

Holy Orders & The Priestess

As discussed previously in posts on this blog, the Sacred Tradition is as important and valid as scripture. The Bible itself is a product of Sacred Tradition, its books having been originally belonging to what is called “oral tradition”. 279 more words


regaining my theory legs pt. 2: marxism as a scientific rationalism, the philosophy of science, utilitarianism, just and unjust civil disobedience

The first and third essays in this series were given as presentations in my sociology class while the last one was passed in as final paper. 959 more words


Bayesian falsification and the strength of a hypothesis

At the end of my post about other ways of looking at probability, I showed you a graph of evidence against probability. This is the relevant graph: 1,657 more words


What Cats Can Teach Us About Emotions and Rationality

Withteeth and I got a second cat today. We’re going back to school soon and will be leaving our cats alone for a good portion of the day. 451 more words

A practical guide to risk-taking

How to scare yourself stupid

I flew from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. this weekend. Sitting next to me was a woman, probably about 30 years old, who shook so much during takeoff that her knee hit mine several times. 144 more words

Behavioral Economics