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Essay: 'On climate change mitigation, emotions and rationality' by Karen R. Moberg

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The year is 2007. I’m 17 years old and I’m learning a lot about my emotions from my teacher and the sensor during my oral high school exam in Denmark. 636 more words



I believe, for all of us, there is this personal space that needs to be respected and given importance. When we are kept in a comfortable atmosphere surrounded by familiarity, we don’t face the challenges of something “alien”. 268 more words

Development goes behavioural - The WB WDR 2015 calls for behavioural-informed policy-making

The World Bank World Development Report 2015 calls for behavioural-informed policy-making. The EC-JRC leads the change for EU affairs. This post tries to answer to the following: 1.  1,471 more words

European Politics

Greg Koukl's imaginary link between rationality and determinism

Greg Koukl is once again claiming in his most recent podcast that, were determinism true, there could be no rationality.

I addressed this to some degree in previous posts, but it’s worth reexamining in a more rigorous manner. 1,263 more words

Greg Koukl


No, power did not go out. The storm was nowhere near as bad as predicted, at least as far as my region is concerned.

No, I got depressed and slept a bunch. 535 more words

The designers of our climate

Okay, I finally succumbed and actually waded through some of the new paper by Monckton, Soon, Legates & Briggs called Why models run hot: results from an irreducibly simple climate model… 283 more words

Climate Change

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The blog ... And Then There's Physics wades deeply into the recent Monckton-Soon-Legates-Briggs paper. And, they conclude, what it is saying is that, conditional upon no feedbacks, equilibrium climate sensitivity ("ECS") needs to be small. Except that they don't say that explicitly, dressing it up (presumably to look important). So why didn't they say so in the first place?

Alieving Rationality

Almost six years ago, Scott wrote a post on LW about the apparent lack of strong correlation of real-world instrumental success and studying what he calls “x-rationality” – that is, OB/LW-style rationality, of the kind that’s above and beyond the regular skills you can get from being a generally intelligent, thoughtful, and scientifically-minded person. 916 more words