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What if he really was the one?

Really? we’re going there….

Seriously, I’ve never really believed in “the one,” I do however, believe in wanting what you cant have. Yes he was sweet and kind and non-judgmental, but I need to remember that if I pointed a teaspoon at SETII I would get better communication. 202 more words


What If?

A while ago I wrote a post called Truth vs. Morality where I pointed out a question I sometimes asked Christians: If god didn’t exist, and this was known, should people still believe in god? 594 more words


What is Scepticism/Skepticism?

Do you think sceptics are cynics, anti-religious bigots or just argumentative morons? You won’t believe how often I hear these things and how many times I have to tell people about how these perceptions are just way off the mark. 860 more words



The silence of a thousand miles,
Within the folds of a few phone calls;
Multiple sleepless nights beautifully whiled away,
In the hushed whisperings of sinful thoughts. 85 more words



I get too scared to even
Finish washing the soap suds from
My face so I wipe them away with
The back of my wet hands… 25 more words

The Conditions of Unconditional Love

“I love you to unknown boundaries. I love you for who you are. I will love you till death do us part.”


Love is a funny thing. 891 more words