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Of Hidden Gods: Sometimes Absence of Evidence IS Evidence of Absence

I love this popular little mantra: the absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence, also known as the fallacy of the argument from ignorance… 1,285 more words


Reason eating itself

This is the first of a series of essays on reason (1).  I will open with some preliminaries about Darwinism and Evolutionary Psychology. Then, I will discuss evolutionary psychology approaches to the function of reasoning by introducing the Justificatory and Argumentative theories of reasoning. 3,218 more words

The drowning stranger illustration challenges atheistic morality

This is by Matt from Well Spent Journey blog.


Here’s a thought experiment.


Imagine that you’re a healthy, athletic, 20-year-old male. It’s the morning after a thunderstorm, and you’re standing on the banks of a flooded, violently churning river.

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Rationality vs. traditional self help

Inside The Rationality Movement That has Silicon Valley Buzzing With Positive Thinking  (Fast Company) 

“Self-help is often not based on research, but on generalizations from something that worked for the author or for a smattering of people,” Galef says. 306 more words


On creating a map amidst strategic deception attempts

Others are incentivized to change our beliefs to the degree they are affected by them. This has always been the case and has led to several strategies to do so through a Darwinian mechanism. 1,224 more words

Four perspectives on human decision making

I have been rereading Gerd Gigerenzer’s collection of essays Rationality for Mortals: How People Cope with Uncertainty. It covers most of Gigerenzer’s typical turf – ecological rationality, heuristics that make us smart, understanding risk and so on. 1,277 more words