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Take one step back, please.

An irrational decision is at the foundation of the rational choice framework.

"Laughin' Fool Blues"

It’s midsummer, and time to hear from Doc Snow, and some “Laughin’ Fool Blues”.


Shiller on the rationality of markets (cont.)

“…there’s an intelligent part of it, but part of it is just whimsical … there’s a feedback between price increases and stories… people love these stories when prices are going up… I’m sounding a bit more cynical than I should perhaps.”

26+ min. interview here.


The Flaws of Personal Christianity Without a Church

The idea that one can be Christian without a church has become disturbingly common in today’s society. The reasoning behind such ideas is usually as follows: I don’t need a church between me and God. 386 more words


Unanswered Questions

I was born a Catholic. I was raised to be a firm believer.

And I believe. I believe that God exists. I believe that He has been sent down to Earth thousands of years ago to introduce to mankind a supernatural existence that is merciful and kind and loving. 616 more words


I recently overheard a conversation between two people talking about a colleague of their’s. He had been home sick very often. Burnout. One of those two people then said: “Burnout is such a fashion disease. 443 more words

The Regular Stuff

Anatomical Structure's Irrelevance to Justification

The Burger King publicity stunt of releasing “The Proud Whopper” and the phrase it used, “We’re all the same inside,” is yet another example of the irrational “acceptance culture” which I have written of previously. 178 more words