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To be a rational and morally driven actor? 1

The arguement is that a rational actor is more dependent on the environment than a morally driven actor. Or how many can paraphrase it irrationals are more independent than rationals. 631 more words


Kierkegaard on Philosophy and Understanding Life

Philosophy is perfectly right in saying that life must be understood backward. But then one forgets the other clause — that it must be lived forward.

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The Resource Model of EA Decision-Making

Summary: This was originally something I posted in the EA Facebook group on 2/28/14, but I’d like to build on it and show more applications in this blog. 394 more words

Effective Altruism

Day 0340

The reason one says yes to getting married is far too complex to boil down to a single thing, but it’s interesting to try to do it, just to distil that layered and emotional time a bit. 252 more words

Comment on "Timescales for detecting a significant acceleration in sea level rise" by Haigh, et al

This regards an article in Nature Communications, specifically:

I. D. Haigh, T. Wahl, E. J. Rohling, R. M. Price, C. B. Pattiaratchi, F. M. Calafat, S.Dangendorf, “Timescales for detecting a significant acceleration in sea level rise”, …

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Where to meet girls accurately?

As someone looking for a virtuous girl, I have been working under the assumption that Church is a relatively good place to meet girls. After all, girls that go to church are likely to be (or want to be) of a virtuous nature. 523 more words


Game Theory

We come, at last, to the final subsection of our “worldbuilding” series. Having touched on biology, culture, and the mind, we now turn back to a slightly more abstract topic: … 140 more words