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Emotions in organizational processes: Do they matter?

Since the beginning of the recent crisis, many third sector organizations have been going through a phase of profound changes. In particular, uncertainty and ambiguity generated by a suddenly unintelligible environment have restricted the actors’ ability to interpret input coming from the outside and generated fear of the future as well as internal stress. 734 more words



Reviews Rationality for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Rationality. deals, in order to get an idea about the top quality and features of this product item. 43 more words

When randomness is efficient

Your Decision-Making Processes Are a Lot More Random Than You Realize

For the most part, we make decisions based on our prior experiences. But what about those situations that are completely new or unpredictable? 132 more words

Behavioral Economics

Mental Addictions

When a recurrent compulsory thought appears in our life which has the force to determine a behavior which is believed to cause pleasure, relief, a soothing effect or a reward, then we could be dealing with a mental addiction. 728 more words


The Myth of Self-Sufficiency

A few of my friends are pretty big on the whole “self-sufficiency” ideal. So I thought I’d write a post debunking it. *Evil grin*

To start off, let’s define self-sufficiency. 930 more words


Limitation of Human Reason

Abduh states: “…but reason quite lacks the competence to penetrate to the essence of things. For the attempt to discern the nature of things, which necessarily belongs with their essential complexity, would have to lead to the pure essence and to this, necessarily, there is no rational access. 207 more words


When gods play chess

A few months ago I browsed through a book called Beyond Deep Blue: Chess in the Stratosphere. Now, to put things in perspective, in the past ten years I think I’ve played… 537 more words

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