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We are Machines

“What economists and political scientists today call the “rational choice of individuals,” but what Smith called “the individual pursuit of happiness,” leads according to this view in a mechanical way to general welfare.

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he didnt care how bad he had been treated he just observed how badly the love offered by him was treated #micropoetry #MovingOn

— I'm Nobody Who r u ? (@POETICandFUNNY) December 10, 2014


Rationality - Religion

Rationality versus Religion
Advent 23
Tutti-Frutti Candy

Albert Einstein famously said “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” Many will point to the battle in religion of good versus evil as benefitting mankind. 1,166 more words

Breaking Out

Get out of your mind. Get back to your senses. — Neale Walsch

As soon as I learned to read at the age of five, I did little else.

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Will you purchase Apple stuff you don't need?

How Apple Pay Will Cause You to Buy More Useless Junk

They say a fool and his money are soon parted, and in the era of so-called frictionless electronic payments, we are all, potentially, fools. 125 more words

Behavioral Economics

A Leopard CAN Change Its Spots - The Illusion of Static Personality

Positive change is a powerful thing. It is the buzzword for social movements, the symbol of cultural progress, and (supposedly) the focus of governments around the world. 1,775 more words