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Where to meet girls accurately?

As someone looking for a virtuous girl, I have been working under the assumption that Church is a relatively good place to meet girls. After all, girls that go to church are likely to be (or want to be) of a virtuous nature. 523 more words


Game Theory

We come, at last, to the final subsection of our “worldbuilding” series. Having touched on biology, culture, and the mind, we now turn back to a slightly more abstract topic: … 140 more words


Michael Walzer on the Philosopher and Democracy

‘But the truths discovered or worked out by political philosophers can be implemented. They lend themselves readily to legal embodiment. Are these the laws of nature? 338 more words


Welcome to Ultimate Fan Mail

We are a group of individuals who care for and curate public fan sites for both famous people and institutions.  We are the people who answer your letters, refer them to the stars, and generally keep things running.   55 more words


New IPCC Report (Part 7)

guest post by Steve Easterbrook

(7) To stay below 2 °C of warming, the world must become carbon negative

Only one of the four future scenarios (RCP2.6) shows us staying below the UN’s commitment to no more than 2 ºC of warming. 615 more words


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Sobering degree of global ambition needed to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius. This is why I am quite pessimistic regarding natural gas as a "bridge fuel". Every new fossil fuel-powered utility station being built today, every new piece of energy infrastructure which produces greenhouse gases will need to be retired by 2025-2030 to meet this goal.

Kierkegaard on Truth and Purpose

‘What I really need is to get clear about what I am to do*, not what I must know, except insofar as knowledge must precede every act. 972 more words