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Human Consciousness, Human Extinction and Theoretical Physics.

So, I got through some crazy theories today. I was watching True Detective and this character named Rust, mentioned M-Theory. So I looked it up, it turned out to be pretty amazing. 618 more words


A new shirt-challenger appears!

I present to you the two-sided logic/literacy test. You don’t even have to talk to that person to know whether they’re rational. If they understand your shirt, it’s all good. 7 more words


The Things I Know

I am a fact motivated person. Maybe fact isn’t the right word–I naturally connect trivia to other trivia. I compulsively share them. I’m trying to connect with people like someone might talk about sports, or new diets, or astrology. 242 more words

Practical School

Against Rationality

As a graduate student this past year, I have spent an inordinate amount of time directly in front of a computer screen.  As such, I have spent an inordinate amount of time logged onto Facebook and am kept abreast of what’s “trending” among my 300+ friends. 748 more words

Are Human Beings Rational

The concept of rationality and human way of thinking is different in many ways. The way an Economist see human rationality is different from the view of a psychologist. 217 more words

On "Weird Gramma"

A reminiscence in the spirit of the season.

I loved my Gramma. I’m man enough to say it. And Gramma loved me, too. She was everything a good grandmother should be: Patient; kind; and she spoiled me, as grandmothers are wont to do with their grandsons. 1,154 more words


Is Altruism Rational?

In a game first popularized in the academic literature in the early 1980s, two people are invited separately to play a game, with a monetary prize. 546 more words

Efficiency Of Markets