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Three wishes for free will (story)

There was once a man who had caught philosophical anxiety. He worried whether life had meaning and what it all meant. Most of all, he worried whether humans had free will. 1,404 more words


Lost Souls

Remember that Grey’s Anatomy episode in season 2, Bring The Pain. You probably remember it because ever since seeing that episode, you immediately think “choose me, love me” whenever you hear somebody saying “pick me”. 982 more words


The Life of my Mom

It’s been about three weeks since my mom died from breast cancer spreading to her entire body. Despite the abundance of prayers for healing by all the religious people in her life, she still suffered and died. 1,597 more words


What Lehman does or doesn't tell us about rationality in financial markets

Jeff Madrick’s essay, “The Real Lessons of Lehman”, is a nice discussion on what could have happened had the government (or the FED) rescued Lehman Brothers back in 2008. 294 more words

Book Review: A Mathematician Reads The Newspaper by John Allen Paulos

This has been my latest coffee table book that I dip into a few pages at a time. The premise is that maths is not well understood, but that it’s all around us. 517 more words

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The world is incredible: Honey Bees Edition

Watch this video:

SPOILER ALERT the bees kill the wasps. Not only that, but they all signal to each other with a thorax waggle (what??) to swarm around the spy wasp (they’re bees?? 291 more words

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