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The fault in our contexts

Why does the public misunderstands the academy?

English biologist and author Richard Dawkins was in hot water recently after saying that, if given the choice, expectant mothers ought to abort their foetus if tests confirm it to have Down’s syndrome. 1,076 more words

Half or whole.

A long time ago, someone fairly brutal but also brutally honest called me half a person. It was done with the best of intentions, and it was pretty accurate, I thought, but it stung a little. 424 more words


Ebola II: Sweet Jesus! My Neighbor's House is on Fire!

If you’re returning to the blog, welcome. I’m glad to see you’ve survived the plague so far. If you’re a newcomer, grab yourself some hand sanitizer before you touch that grubby mouse of yours. 579 more words


Religion vs Philosophy

Gary Gutting has been doing a series of thoughtful interviews with academic philosophers on the topic of religion.  They’re been appearing over the months in the N. 884 more words

How to make teaching context-dependent

The Behavioral Economics of Learning

“People, despite their best intentions, do not always make rational decisions, even when it is in their interest to do so, because the circuitry that the human brain engages to reach decisions is hard wired and difficult to alter.” The above insight may seem obvious, but it is essential to understanding human behavior, according to the behavioral economists who wrote this terrific Harvard Business Review post. 45 more words

Behavioral Economics

Inescapably Irrational...

Steven Poole believes that doubters of human rationality are, well, irrational. Against the likes of Kahneman and Haidt he upholds the virtues of “public reason”, which supposedly ensure that “ 307 more words


Telling the truth

I recently heard a professor speak about Game Theory, and it reminded me of an Intelligence Squared lecture I attended last year entitled An Anatomy of Truth. 1,023 more words