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Beyond Reason

Is it tragic When reason
pummels passion?
Can I truly breathe
When logic conquers all?

how controlled must my life be
by unseen boxes
how much more of me exists… 37 more words

Tio Stib

The Imitation Game

So the night before, my brother and I had been talking, as usual, about the connection between the humanities and the science, and modernity which places pre-eminence on papers with “statistical” proofs over logical interpretations in the “arts”. 229 more words


Arming yourself against doubt

In a recent Stand to Reason podcast, Greg Koukl suggests that listeners protect themselves against doubting Christianity by diving into Christian apologetics.

Is that anyway to treat doubt? 419 more words

Greg Koukl

Why does U.S. culture favor rationality to intuition? A speculative case for some historical factors (part I)

The picture above portrays a classic dichotomy in the realm of human thought: rationality or thinking (the brain) vs intuition or feeling (the heart). We all know this dichotomy quite well. 1,391 more words


Reasonable Relationships: How Does Our Skepticism Influence our Romantic or Non-Romantic Relationships?

When we form relationships, it’s easy to think that just trusting our feelings is the way to go. This panel discusses how and why to be skeptical about relationships, and goes through some of the common logical fallacies that people make regarding their relationships. 43 more words



There are several things to keep in mind when doing Step One.

First of all, it is a step where we look at ourselves and say “my, aren’t you screwed up!” It is not an “I think I have a problem with drinking (or drugs)” situation. 1,536 more words