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Holy Orders & The Priestess

As discussed previously in posts on this blog, the Sacred Tradition is as important and valid as scripture. The Bible itself is a product of Sacred Tradition, its books having been originally¬†belonging to what is called “oral tradition”. 279 more words


marxism as a scientific rationalism, the philosophy of science, utilitarianism, just and unjust civil disobedience

Marxism is not a scientific rationalism. That is unless you count whatever school Althusser (Marxist structuralism? aleatory materialism?) created as a scientific rationalism. This is not unreasonable considering the “cocktail” ( 956 more words


Bayesian falsification and the strength of a hypothesis

At the end of my post about other ways of looking at probability, I showed you a graph of evidence against probability. This is the relevant graph: 1,657 more words


What Cats Can Teach Us About Emotions and Rationality

Withteeth and I got a second cat today. We’re going back to school soon and will be leaving our cats alone for a good portion of the day. 451 more words

A practical guide to risk-taking

How to scare yourself stupid

I flew from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. this weekend. Sitting next to me was a woman, probably about 30 years old, who shook so much during takeoff that her knee hit mine several times. 144 more words

Behavioral Economics

Ep.7 - Foucault and Peck on Neoliberalism; Neoliberalism, Race and Securitization in Ferguson, Missouri

Join your faithful podcast hosts B and John as they welcome special guest-host Erika Iverson and delve into neoliberalism. We discuss chapter 9 – on American neoliberalism –¬†from… 299 more words