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Why Be Homophobic?

I overheard a coworker saying he was homophobic and was proud of it. I’m sorry to say I didn’t have time to call him on it. 189 more words


Agreement does not signify competence

According to Robert Aumann’s Agreement Theorem (AAT), if two rational agents proceed from the same prior probability when assessing an event E, and if they continue to update their respective probabilities based on the exact same set of information, then it cannot be the case that they would end up assigning different posterior probabilities to E — i.e., they cannot agree to disagree. 927 more words

The Value of Catholic Conversation

Should you find yourself becoming a regular reader of my posts here, you will no doubt notice the frequency in which I will include my friend Jacob in my posts. 374 more words


Are mathematical models just simplifications?

The Illusion of Mathematical Certainty

Nate Silver’s questionable foray into predicting World Cup results got me thinking about the limitations of maths in economics (and the social sciences in general). 143 more words

Behavioral Economics

Intuition – some truth about our gut feelings

Let me introduce two systems of our minds:

1.       System1 – intuitive, quick thinking, our gut feeling

2.       System2 – rational, slow thinking, this is where we “feel” our consciousness is… 538 more words


The Benign Intentions of an Ignorant & Fanatical Society

Americans today live in what is a strange point in our nation’s history. Our society indulges in inaccuracy and lies, all the while assuring itself it follows only reason and objective thought. 1,544 more words


Rational craziness

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I dreamt I was among voices clustered around and hovering over yesterday’s blog post, and a male voice spoke, telling me the correct term for this was “ 26 more words