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Learning how to cope with anger and five years later!

Learning how to cope with anger.  How to cope with anger?  I very rarely get angered at someone.  Why not?

Step –   First and foremost put yourself in someone else’s place.   3,428 more words


Paranoia Episodes Make Me Believe And Rationalize That Im In Hell

its really hard for me to talk about this, I feel ashamed and insane. But I havent found anyone with similar expiriences and am hoping to find support or advice. 82 more words

Common ways that men justify sin

On this talk show:  Common ways that men try to justify sin, and the harm that comes as a result of justifying your sin


Nov 24 BOB podcast link


Emotional Self-Defense: Step One is Understanding Defense Mechanisms

Emotional self-defense is a result of first getting an understanding of defense mechanisms and displacement. The second step may be pre-viewed under the blog titled… 1,629 more words