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409: Reflections

Being a reflective person is both a gift and a curse. See, reflective people actually think, analyze and consider their lives, how things are going, have gone and will go (not necessarily in that order), the world, other people, sex, politics and religion, and myriad other topics, both at random and deliberately seeking to understand, make connections with all those dots, and trying to make life better not only for me, myself, but for others I care about, those I don’t particularly care about, and the universe in general. 360 more words


The Accent Challenge

Today an American customer (or I’m guessing he was American) walked up to the counter and proceeded to tell my manager and I that he was writing a book and I think he needed a program or something to use for editing. 189 more words


the fall of man

“Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature.
Never try to correct them.
On the contrary: rationalize them, understand them thoroughly.
After that, it will be possible for you to sublimate them.”

~ Salvador Dali ~


What was the reason

10 years is long enough to screw you up, for good. After 10 years you rationalize and convince yourself there was a reason. You have many thoughts that all rush to your mind together but you know that even with each of their truths, it’s not enough to explain everything. 644 more words

The Protection Racket

A manipulative narcissistic bully is likely to have the support of a protection racket.

The participants; his friends, family, colleagues, or any other people in his proximity who are amenable to his persuasive powers, are the enablers who minimize or make up excuses for his bad behavior. 41 more words

Human Nature?

Is the glass half full, or just see it as half empty

This question of glass half full/glass half empty? Has been in our lives for many many many years, it is a question that only us as Individuals have the true answer for, in the way we percieve everything/anything around us. 416 more words