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..and so it ends... for me

I’ve almost finished. One more meal to go and I would have successfully completed my week “Living Below The Line”.

I’ve had my banana for breakfast. 368 more words


Friday's Beautiful Banquet

And so, I made it to Friday.
I had what I’d describe as my most filling dinner of the week last night. A whole tin of Sainsbury’s spaghetti and sausages with two handfuls of pasta and some Reggae Sauce. 226 more words



The 1940s are what I would like to call The War Decade, since much of the news of that time had been dominated by WW II; There were rations everywhere: Tires & other kinds of rubber, sugar, dairy, coffee, EVERYTHING! 207 more words


Exhausted and shrinking...

Today. Today is Friday. Usually a day of great relief as the weekend is nearly here. 

Sadly, for me, there’s another couple of days until I can celebrate the weekend properly and by the time that comes around, I’ll be getting up and going back to work. 595 more words


Day 3- Takeaways and Tantrums

Last night I had football training. An hour and a half of casually and enigmatically strolling around the park. It wasn’t fun. I was hungry and my energy levels depleted very, very quickly. 726 more words


Water. Beautiful, clean, clear, cold water!

The only thing that isn’t in my shopping rations that I am allowed is water. Cool, clear, sanitised water.

It has been something of a saving grace for me, as between my small meals I have been glugging pints of ice cold H2O. 435 more words


Monday's Dinner and the Start of a New Day

My girlfriend will attest that I was not in a particularly good mood when I got home from work last night. The reason for this was not work related… it was being hungry related. 325 more words