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Poem: The forgotten

Line us up.
Line us up and check us in.
Check us out and hand us our cheques.
“You. Not you. You. Not you.” 295 more words


November 21, 1944


Flew missions combat missions on the 15th, 16th and 18th. No missions yet this week. Gun cleaning, flying early and late. Food for the week awful, including C rations, K rations and dehydrated foods such as beets and potatoes. 323 more words

Waste Not, Want Not

I think as a country we waste a lot of food now because we have so much choice and maybe we can afford to do so, but we really can’t. 437 more words

Folks learn about wartime rations

AUSTIN, Minn. – It is hard to imagine these days, but during the World Wars people were forced to cut back on things like food. 157 more words

Local News

Will you pay in cash, credit, or salt?

This time around my situation has improved a lot over the first few months, mostly because of the supplies I brought back with me. Everyday I have been treating myself to chocolate. 914 more words


What Are MRE's?

MRE stands for ‘Meals Ready to Eat’.  They are a modern staple of the military world-wide, and they are an invaluable asset to your emergency preparedness template. 569 more words


Winter Stew and Walking at Home

Seeing as S is working a double shift today, I decided to plan my whole day’s food by sticking a stew on. I was inspired by… 180 more words