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I smell a rat

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I want to share with you Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini’s study published in 2012 which shows some shocking results regarding the consumption of GM foods, particularly GM maize. 554 more words

Happy Belated World Rat Day

Did you know that World Rat  Day is April 4th?  Me neither, until fairly recently.

As a compost care-taker, I am engaged in a never-ending struggle to keep rats out of my various compost systems, because the last thing I want is for folks to associate these activities with our little rodent friends. 305 more words

April 19, 1944


Rats made a racetrack out of the hut last night. Kept me awake quite a long while. We moved into the Quonset huts last night, and find they are much drier than the tents. 223 more words

Exotic Pet Breeder Who Had 20K Dead, Dying Reptiles Ordered To Pay Restitution

RIVERSIDE (AP) — A Southern California exotic pet breeder who had 20,000 dead and dying rats and reptiles in a warehouse has avoided jail time but was ordered to pay more than $190,000 in restitution. 345 more words


Through the Eyes of a Misanthrope

Vile slugs
Leaving a slimy footpath
A wake
A disruption of disgust

Filthy pigs
Rooting their feculent snouts
Wallowing in their own shit

Diseased rats… 12 more words



Artemis & Amelia indulge in ecstatic thievery over something rarely in da house – peanut M&Mmmmms, oh my!