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This is Vector, father of Xia’s litter (with little Baxter). He’s Venus’s brother, so also 17 months, and he’s a Russian blue agouti Essex, although he’s gone very brown.


Where Confidence Lives In the Brain

Confidence might be more than just an emotion. A new study published in the journal Neuron suggests that it may actually be a measurable brain activity. 288 more words

Rat sighting cancels preschool classes in La Salle

You know how you feel when you see something dark and furry out of the corner of your eye. Preschool classes at Jackson School in La Salle were cancelled Thursday morning after a teacher spotted two rats in the classroom. 101 more words


This is Venus, Russian blue Essex and great aunt of the babies. She’s 17 months old, born on 6th April last year, and she has had one litter, with just one surviving baby called Ypsilon.


#100happydays - Day 83

I’m babysitting five young lady rats for the next two and a half weeks. They’re adorable :)


"Rat Parks" are popping-up in Community Gardens

Rats are flocking to community gardens spaces from dusk till dawn. The neighborhood (full size ‘5X10’) plots provide unbounded source of food for the rats: especially, the fall seasons. 174 more words

and all now, he is decoration.

How do you find me? Can you see my name? rising in the sleeves? can you see the light? today was the day of the squeeling… animal; one on the roof, torments me nightly. 69 more words