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Ave atque vale, Patrician

Havelock died in my arms about 10 minutes ago (around 4:18 pm). Havelock was 3 years old, and the last parent standing. Havelock was also the Patrician of Rat Studio City, doing his rounds twice each day, once in the morning, once in the evening, making sure all was well, and the pee trails were clear. 51 more words


What We're Reading: Blood, Rats and Hauntings . . .

 It’s finally the weekend! And to give you a random fact tomorrow is National Sloth Day. The “slothiest day of the year”. I have no idea who comes up with these days, but I wholly approve of National Sloth Day. 368 more words



Today’s photo is of Arwen, a Russian blue Essex doe from Xia’s litter. She has very dark colouring for an Essex, although it will probably fade as she gets older.



Everyone knows about those one in a thousand pets. Amelia was one in five thousand, if not more. In the sea of ratlets, Amelia stood out, and was one of the first to be named, after Earhart, because she was a precocious explorer from the start. 304 more words


Rat Mites Will Be the Reason for Your Nightmares Tonight

In 2007, Disney pulled a reverse-Sandy when Ratatouille took rodents from nasty gals to Sandra D.s. Kids of all ages flocked to the cinema, and everyone fell in love with Remy, the vermin foodie of France. 381 more words