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Settling in

So, Rocket and Rommie have been with us for a month now and they are settling in nicely. As expected, they need some extra time and attention to get them fully socialised — after all, when we brought them home they were more than twice the age the other girls were when they arrived. 321 more words


Goodbye River

The time came to let River go.

She hadn’t really been herself for a few months; nothing specific and nothing that couldn’t be put down to a combination of being unsettled after losing Nine, being run down from her repeated upper respiratory problems and no longer being the youthful energetic ratty that she once was. 203 more words


Meet the Rats: Rocket and Rommie

The new girls now have names! After much pondering we’ve decided to abandon the idea of trying to find a female SF name that easily splits into two nice ratty names à la River Song. 319 more words


New girls

Well, we weren’t planning on getting more ratties quite this soon after losing Seven, though it was definitely a case of deciding when to get some, rather than… 61 more words


And then there were two...

Yesterday Seven ran out of energy, went to sleep in her hut and didn’t wake up again.

She made it to the very respectable age of thirty-three months, outliving her sister, Nine, by more than five months. 243 more words