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This Is My Brain on Sleep

I don’t do drugs because I’m terrified of the things my brain may come up with under the influence of anything. If I can be afraid of ghost sharks or blueberries without a hint of psychedelics or whatevers, then my brain on acid or ecstasy or hell, … 765 more words


I’ve figured out what my problem is with the use of the word partner when someone, gay or straight, is referring to their “significant other.” It’s all those Western movies I saw on TV as a kid. 60 more words

Short Thoughts

Santa Fe: Chile, Coyotes and Cowboy Boots

My experience of farm life has been fairly limited up to this point.

When I tell people I’m originally from the country, they often presume I grew up feeding chickens and milking cows. 918 more words

Seven Lessons In Fighting Against The Devil: My Own Basic Training In Spiritual Warfare

I love to go on hikes.  And I mean long hikes.

At least three times every week – and frequently four – I go on a nearly 10.5 mile hike through the desert.  6,527 more words

Religion And Culture

Quiz: Do You Know What to Do If a Wild Animal Attacks?

As part of KTLA’s “Surviving Disaster Week” (Nov. 3-7), KTLA has put together a 10-question interactive quiz to help keep you safe in case of an animal attack. 15 more words

Local News

Some stuff you should never do

Each year as summer drifts gently into fall, Solano County’s lively rattlesnake population slithers into mainstream suburbia for a month or two.

For some reason, this tends to alarm citified yuppies who have moved here to get closer to nature – but not closer to noisy, venomous snakes. 482 more words


When you know.

I try not to get too personal on my blog. There are things that cannot be said blatantly, out loud at this point in my life for fear of retribution….one day this will all come out in the wash and you will thing –  WTF??? 417 more words