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Watch your step.

Two years ago while hiking along a trail in Phoenix I walked within inches of two rattlesnakes without knowing it. It wasn’t until someone up ahead mentioned that they saw snakes on the trail that we doubled back and saw them tucked next to a large rock. 139 more words


Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Rattlesnakes

1984 was a brilliant year for British music. The Smiths wowed the world with their eponymous debut album, the Cocteau Twins produced their magnificent Treasure… 377 more words


High winds rattle thru-hikers! (Days 11-13)

Coming down off of Mount San Jacinto we’d seen quite a bit of snow, but it was pretty manageable. Immediately after traversing the last snowy section we decided to camp amongst the last of the trees before finishing the 20 mile descent back into the very exposed desert. 843 more words

Pacific Crest Trail

Mica Update for April 13th: Whew!

The 13th is a lucky day!

Thank you everyone for the beautiful love energies and sentiments that certainly have helped heal the situation. We three thank you most heartily. 570 more words


Golf’s Newest Hazard? RATTLESNAKES!

As if it’s not already difficult enough to go out and play a game that involves hitting a tiny ball into a tiny hole that is very far away from you, a gentleman in California discovered a whole new problem that would have me lighting my clubs on fire and vowing to never suck at golf again. 241 more words


The Rustle


Ever have that moment when a sound, a smell, or something equally small can have the great impact of sending your mind back 15 years to a very specific moment in time that you had all but forgotten about?   606 more words

Song: Blueprint Blue - 'Rattlesnakes'

  Channeling the woody slides of that timeless Twin Peaks theme (or possibly even Placebo’s bassy b-side tribute to it), the latest track from Neil Young… 70 more words

Three Beams