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Drought Drawing Rattlesnakes Closer To California Homes

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The drought is bringing out all kinds of animals, but one has a bite you don’t want to mess with.
Len Ramirez says his rattlesnake removal business says this is one of the busiest year’s he’s seen in nearly 30 years. 188 more words


Rattus Horribilis and other Beasties

About 10 days ago I heard scratching and scrabbling from a planter box on our patio.  I called Ray out to listen to it as well, and he said he would deal it after he got home and that perhaps whatever was in the box would be dead by then!   464 more words

I Wouldn't Say No

I’ve often wondered about the split of answers I’d receive if I asked people if they’re scared of death. Most people, even kids of my age (20ish-year-olds), I assume (from my experience asking), would say, “No.” For some reason, it seems like people always answer that question with a no. 451 more words


Off The Grid

The most harrowing experience so far was spending the last two nights in the middle of the New Mexico desert living off the grid. No cell phone service, and worse: no internet. 342 more words

"Fear Tells Us Nothing"

DAILY PROMPT Fearless Fantasies How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?  830 more words

Daily Writing Challenge

the raccoon and the rattlesnake

The raccoons have been visiting the waterhole pretty much every night.  I’m not sure how well they can see in the dark, but this raccoon didn’t seem to notice the rattlesnake.   14 more words