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Rascolind prin cutiile cu amintiri, care in mare parte sunt legate de colectiile publicatiilor pentru care am scris in ultimii 20 de ani, am gasit anuntul primului turnir antivirus organizat in Romania in noiembrie 1996, la initiativa IDG – Club Computerworld si cu sprijinul magazinului RAFFLES Computers. 307 more words

Remember IT

Hej då dårå...

Har nu skickat iväg dessa två raringar till min beställare! Känns fint, jag hoppas att mottagaren kommer att uppskatta dom – annars får de peppa varandra så de behåller sitt fina självförtroende! 230 more words


Megillah 22

The Gemara states that although Rav was greater in stature than Shmuel, he still accorded Shmuel honor. Rashi cites the Gemara in Shabbos states that Rav cursed Shmuel that he should not have any sons, and afterwards he regretted his actions and sought to mollify Shmuel by showing him respect. 63 more words

Hurray! I Have A FO Today!


Liesl is a done deal – knitted, ends woven in and blocked.  It fits and I’m really, really excited at how it turned out. 30 more words


From lack to abundance

I love summer. I would always choose summer. The 100 degree heat, fourth of July, warm sunsets, the smell of freshly mowed grass, sunburns, sun hats, pool parties, patios, the way people get surprised when it rains… I’m even kind of sort of okay with summer dog smell… 651 more words

Review: Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree

Draft Priority: 4

Impact: 4

Stack Status: 5
Boss status. This is a great Type 4 land and needs to be used.


In the past, I’ve mentioned this card’s ability to completely take over a game if not regulated immediately by wary opponents: 229 more words


Review: Netherborn Phalanx

Draft Priority: 3

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 4
Staple. It’s a good card with a great Transmute value.


In a previous post I discussed that six mana is sort of the threshold for “official official banger status” for a lot of cards. 171 more words