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I didn't get the Pretty Rave girl

The night is pumping, sweat dripping down peoples face like they were experiencing a rain storm in a group full of people. Then you look over and that guy with wide eyed stare looks at you like you know whatever level or planet he is on; he is content with life. 311 more words


#sundayconfessions First Love

When I began writing this I thought What is love? I know what love is to me. I know there are different kinds of love. There are different stages of love. 941 more words


I am not happy about "canned hunts!"

Thank you for contacting us about “canned” hunting.

We share your concern for the animals slaughtered in such hunts, which are transparently devoid of any semblance of a “sporting” element and conducted by unscrupulous people who stalk and kill semi-tame animals who have no chance of escape. 178 more words


She's Baaaaaaack (And With a New Book Review, Too!)

Hello, again! Gosh, I know that it’s only been a couple of weeks that I’ve been gone from the blog-o-sphere, but it feels like far longer than that. 790 more words


It's OK, It's Catharsis

Aaaand it’s over. *slow claps*

Just a quick summary of my feelings on entire show. 829 more words


When it is time to take it all off

And so the hubby announced that it will soon be his turn to have his braces removed in…

… 2 more visits to be exact. 384 more words


Serendipity - Disabled Mom Spotting

Serendipity today via Pinterest — someone brought Steph Dodson’s blog and pregnancy story to my attention. I was riveted, because we have so much in common. 366 more words