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Nantong Frontline's Where You Don't Go

Last Friday I headed out to the city of Nantong, which is just a bit up the Yangtze River from Shanghai, to play a set as part of a residency Rankadank are doing out there. 1,312 more words


Hulu Plus and Political Ads

Last night as I had Hulu Plus playing on my television while I simultaneously did 600 other things, I tuned in just long enough to hear what sounded like the end of a political advertisement for Lindsey Graham. 197 more words

Hulu Plus

Blue Jasmine

When I heard that Cate Blanchett was going to star in Woody Allen’s latest film, I was so excited I almost did a wall twerk. However, me attempting a wall twerk probably would have resulted in death, in which case I never would have seen the film. 426 more words


First off, let me say why I’m doing this. And that reason is simply because I’m bored. And saying that you somehow found this blog, I’m going to assume so are you. 196 more words

The answers to your most burning questions

Life is … a gift. Cherish it.
Children are priceless. Enjoy them.
The direction that you are going in is worth it. Trust in it. 71 more words


The Door

‘One door, you become a world leader; the other- you become a sad funeral’. T.D. Jakes

Pretty strong words today, but na serious mode I dey oh!! 486 more words

Directors Notes For Removed And Destroyed

I was thinking I wouldn’t write my Directors note for Removed And Destroyed until rehearsals began as my directing process draws ideas from the actors rather than the other way around. 510 more words