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Candy cane peppermint patties (vegan, raw)

As we all know, elves love to stick to the 4 main food groups; candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately?), those 4 main food groups stick to my gut, and make my gut stick out. 468 more words




Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,

brothers and sisters i would like to share my experiences about drinking wheatgrass juice.I drink daily one glass of wheat grass juice before breakfast that will very 50 helpful benefits., belive on Yaqeen & A’amal-e-Salehaat important. 1,553 more words

Nutrtional Imformation

The tale of two beauties.

There used to be two flowers that grew under a big oak tree just across the open field that stretched from my little cottage. These two flowers were of the rarest kinds. 400 more words


Green Smoothie Bowl with OMG Morning Glory Kale!

When I spied this little packet of Morning Glory Kale in the December Vegan Box I was very intrigued! I love kale chips, but of course, I always associate them with a cheesy or savoury flavour. 120 more words


Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

This cake is so sweet chocolaty and delicious, It is the perfect treat to make for summer, pop it sliced in the freezer and take it out and defrost it as you need to! 161 more words


Raw Vegan Christmas Cherry Balls

I’m a huge fan of Karolina’s (from The Raw Dessert Kitchen) and when I came across this gorgeous little raw festive recipe today I knew I needed to share it with you all immediately! 153 more words


Benefits of Shedding Your False Self

You must learn to live independent of the good or bad opinions of others. – Spartan Life Coach

Once you shed your false self or all of the masks you wear to keep everyone happy, you can concentrate on your true character instead of worrying about the false bravado you were putting out.

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Mental Illness