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Super Awesome Raw Chocolate Pudding

This recipe was so super easy to make and one my little man and I enjoyed making together… I was putting ingredients into our Theromix and he was throwing them up the kitchen wall, using the cacao as a paint powder. 201 more words


Raw Chocolate Protien Balls

• 1 pack Medjool Dates
• 1 scoop protein powder of choice
(I used Horleys ripped chocolate, any type is fine)
• 1/3 cup raw cacao… 130 more words


Spicy pasty

You need for 10-12 pieces


250 grams spelt whole grain flour

15 grams margarine, ( I had olive margarine), alternatively some olive oil or sesame oil… 276 more words


Sunrise...and Chocolate Smoothies!

For me, Sunrise is such an exquisitely surreal time of day, I love watching the sun on its slow climb over the horizon, gradually spilling out its beautiful golden light. 836 more words


Rawlicious Superfoods

From November, we will be supplying some of the Rawlicious Superfoods products and amongst others the Organic Raw Cacao products.

What is Raw Cacao?

Cacao is chocolate, chocolate in its raw state – unheated, NO trans fats, 519 more words


Make Your Own Crackers - Ones With Chocolate?!

What better than to make your own homemade flaxseed crackers for a healthy snack option for the family. Why flaxseeds, you ask?? Well, these little gems are known for their Omega-3 content, high fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants and more importantly polyphenol antioxidants, lignans, Vitamin B1, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium.   165 more words

Almond Milk Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao

I don’t know where I’d have been these last few weeks without hot chocolate. It is has been getting cold outside and life has been busy. 319 more words