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Raw cacao

This stuff is amazing!! I use it everyday ;) making chocolates, in my morning “coffee”, oatmeal, and many more! Full of maganese and other nutrients. Try to squeeze it in!!!

Candida Cleanse

Blended Mocha

Do you know what it takes to make a delicious, naturally sweetened blended coffee beverage?

One frozen banana.

This little number brings to mind the sugar and calorie-laden Frappuccino of that one popular franchise you’ve probably heard of.  204 more words

Clean Eating

My friend and… let me tell you about this naturopath diet…

I had told dear friend Maryanne about the progress of my book and she listened intently like the loyal and beautiful friend that she is. She has heard about this book and the way I eat for about two years now, so perhaps it is sounding more like blah, blah, blah to her now. 460 more words

Weight Loss

Chocolate Coated Dates - Fast, healthy and delicious!!

Firstly, let me tell you that i haven’t eaten chocolate or bread for over 2 weeks… um… except today i had that chocolate craving. You know the one you get that just doesn’t go away and no matter how many other things you eat you just can’t ignore it? 224 more words


Banana Bites

Sadly I haven’t been able to post the recipes I planned for this week, it has been completely crazy trying to study for my tests that are coming up. 527 more words


Raw Cacao || Superfood Series

It’s full blown Spring time. This means bathing suit season is on the horizon and now on constant flow in the mind. It also means that there are holidays passing by that promote the indulgence in chocolate. 454 more words


Sweet Potato Mousse Tart With Almond and Hazelnut Oat Crust

This is the perfect dessert for those wanting to follow a more healthy lifestyle while still getting to enjoy the sweet things in life!

This post was part of a competition on Instagram from Whole Food Nutrition to make a recipe inspired by her sweet potato mousse. 492 more words