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Dawn Redwood Autumn Colour (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

A hardwood cutting three years ago now growing in this seed tray for two years.  I love the beautiful peach colour every year.  This one will be shortened in the future to create a formal upright image.


European Hornbeam Autumn Colour

European hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) grown from a young whip bought in a hedging bundle four years ago.  3 years in the flower bed, with a tourniquet on for last 18 months to growth a new nebari. 20 more words


Two Amur Maple Trunks

The last few beautiful red leaves were falling from two of my Amur Maples (Acer Ginnala) over the weekend so I decided to carry out some heavy pruning. 241 more words


Raw Material of Functional Health Food, Feed Supplement

Biotopia is a leading bio venture company that has been focused on research and development of bio-products that are used to produce a wide range of functional food and cosmetics, all-natural new medicine, and feed additives. 146 more words

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