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ISIS Videos: The Most Shocking Footage [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

The Islamic State has spread their message of terror with the aid of social media channels like YouTube.

Collected here are the most shocking videos put out by the terrorist militia currently rampaging through Iraq and Syria. 57 more words


WATCH: 9-Year-Old Girl Shoots Gun Instructor With Uzi


A 9-year-old visiting the Bullets and Burgers shooting range in White Hills, Arizona, accidentally killed her instructor on Monday.

A video of the incident, filmed by the girl’s parents, has just been released by the local sheriff’s department. 100 more words


WATCH: Car Narrowly Avoids Rocket Strike in East Ukraine


Have you ever seen what it looks like to drive though a rocket barrage? A terrifying new video posted to the internet shows a car narrowly avoiding an explosion as a rocket explodes on the side of the road. 72 more words


WATCH: Hamas Fires Rocket in Crowded Neighborhood


A news reporter from New Delhi Television claims to have captured on film a detailed example of how Hamas assembles and fires rockets from the Gaza strip to Israel. 167 more words


WATCH: Man Robs Phoenix Store In Front of Terrified Children


Police are asking for your help to track down the man that robbed a convenience store in Phoenix on Saturday. The incident, which was caught on video and can be watched above, shows a young man pull out a gun and approach the sales counter just as two young kids are paying for their items. 54 more words


WATCH: American Suicide Bomber Speaks About Joining Syrian Jihad


On May 27, an American who took the Arabic war name Abu Hurayra Al-Amirki died in a suicide attack against a Syrian government site in the province of Idib. 106 more words


WATCH: Street Spiderman Fights Drunk Guy in Dublin


A video rapidly going viral shows a street-preforming Spiderman tossing around a drunk guy on the streets of Dublin.

According to the Associated Press, Spiderman accused the drunk man of attempting to take the money he had earned that day. 22 more words