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Poll Answered: Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction

* I owed this one from last week! These will be posted on Fridays though!

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Shockingly Cool and Shockingly Shocking Things About Texas: Shopping Edition

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate shopping.

I do. I hate buying clothes, shoes, accessories, blah blah blah. The reason for this travesty comes in two parts. 536 more words

New Girl In Austin

Echoes of Us Sampler found on Harpercollins.com

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Book Dino


Why did I even do it in the fucking first place?????????

This question has been bugging me since July. WHY DID I EVEN FUCKING CONFESS MY SHITTY FEELINGS TO HIM???????? 81 more words



It’s been two months and three days since day I confessed my feelings for another human being. I planned on posting this entry on the third but shit happened and I was tired so today it is. 447 more words


Chipotle Clone Fajita Drone (vegan, gluten free)

– 4 cups brown rice
– I package of tofu
– 1 can sweet corn
– 1 can black beans
– 1/2 medium green bell pepper… 381 more words

Rawrdyrawr Recap (8/31/14)

Sorry for posting this a day late, I have been swamped with homework this weekend, so I wasn’t able to post this yesterday. This week was also a slow week for reading like last week, my hope is that once school is back to normal that I will be able to read more each week. 271 more words

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