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word vomit on fahrenheit 451

quite recently i read a fantastic novel called fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury, where firemen burn books, houses are fireproof, owning books is illegal, and not liking television is looked down upon. 272 more words

Fahrenheit 451

Book Review: 1984

If you’re looking for a page-turner, George Orwell’s 1984 proves to be an excellent choice. Winston Smith, the “last man,” finds himself struggling to recognize reality while the rest of Oceania remain inveigled by the Inner Party through all means of dishonesty. 132 more words


Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 44.

Just finished this weeks story, worked long into the small hours of this morning desperate to finish but tiredness finally got the better of me somewhere just shy of 3am UK time. 58 more words


One-Liner Wednesday -- Risk

Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall. — Ray Bradbury

This post is part of Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday! Check it out and play along!


It is NaNoWriMo Prep Time with Procrastination 101: Final Days

This post is for my friends who are jumping into NaNoWriMo with both feet this year. Several of you out there have said to me in the last few days of NaNoPrep that you are nervous, hope you don’t fall on your face, or choke…Oh, Dear Friends lets dispel the negativity with some great ideas from professional writers. 424 more words


Something Wicked Came and Went (here there be spoilers)

I haven’t done any research on Ray Bradbury and his intentions in writing Something Wicked This Way Comes so I am going to fly here on my own personal impressions; something I believe is the point of reading anyway.  987 more words


Quotations || Everything smoky-smelling and the sky orange

And if it’s around October twentieth and everything smoky-smelling and the sky orange and ash gray at twilight, it seems Halloween will never come in a fall of broomsticks and soft flap of bed sheets around corners.

7 more words