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Meet the Real Noah

Where can you meet the man who saved mankind from extinction — the man who stood alone against a debauched and vicious culture, who scrupulously carried out God’s instructions to preserve the human race amidst the catastrophic upheaval of a worldwide flood? 1,525 more words


The Trolls Are Coming...AAAHHH!!!!!

I am quite active on Google Plus and usually scroll through the “What’s Hot” section. I always come across some post regarding Christianity, like a verse, or a quote based on a verse. 612 more words


An Introduction to Banana Man Evangelism

The first creationist I started to look into was Ray Comfort. I stumbled across one of his books when I was at a local CVS Pharmacy and decided to look at a small book rack that was filled with Christian books.  1,099 more words

Is there a Creator?

On occasion, there are a few minutes of spare processing time available in my brain and it wanders off to pick through scraps of well-worn thoughts. 676 more words


Noah: And The Last Days

Days before the release of Russell Crowe’s banal motion picture, another Noah film was released.  This one by Ray Comfort.  In this short film (30 minutes) Comfort probes people on the street about their views, and about the consistency of their views and their practices.  21 more words