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Law For the Proud, Gospel For the Humble

Law For the Proud, Gospel .For the Humble

The wages of sin is death.
All have sinned.
There are 2 types of death: spiritual and physical. 400 more words


Ray Comfort's New Film "Audacity"

Click the link above to check out an update and preview of Ray Comfort’s new film “Audacity” which covers the subject of homosexuality from a Biblical worldview in an evangelistic manner. 71 more words


180 Degree Change

Ray Comfort takes his microphone to the streets and campuses of Southern California and asks some very difficult questions of young and old alike concerning Adolf Hitler and the killing of six million Jews. 80 more words


Ray Comfort says "God bless Bill Maher and Sam Harris for their courage."

I bet if anything will piss off Maher and Harris most it’s Ray Comfort’s “kitten” God  blessing them for what they say.


Where Does This Go? Uncategorically Categoried

Review: Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith by Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort

In the middle of our series on “Missions, Culture and Being Biblical” I thought it was good to post this review of a book on sharing the Gospel.  366 more words


Hilarious Google Search - Ray Comfort Bacon Number

Do you know who Ray Comfort is?  He’s a young Earth creationist who has teamed up with Kirk Cameron on many occasions to promote their version of Creationism.  302 more words


Every song has a composer, every book has an author, every car has a maker, every painting has a painter, and every building has a builder.

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