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Value Honesty

Good friends are hard to find.

Friends who are honest with you are even rarer.

I once recall a mentor teaching me the definition of the term “Rigorous Honesty”, which he defined as “abscence of the intent to deceive” 73 more words

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Minus The Train

DK gives us a simple review of his day.

Looks familiar, minus the train.

Yup, about right.

But where does he fit in blogging?

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From The Dad Of Three Daughters

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here’s a picture.

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I meant to publish this last week, on the day of the 25th anniversary, but forgot. I finished the book this afternoon and decided late was better than never. 363 more words

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Tonight, I opted to cook dinner and clean up afterward…usually Alicia and I split that, but I was in a groove. We listened to Dan Fogelberg’s, … 110 more words

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The Closer I Get...

Check out this post from Jet Boy & My Dog Skip, Music Mostly and Mostly Music.

Sue Foley & Company….Treat Me Right

Their website, here.

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