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Poetry is not something I have learned to appreciate, but every once in a while something reaches out and grabs me.

The poem attached to the following link is found at an interesting blog that I discovered a few weeks ago and define as a “relaxing” blog. 44 more words

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The recent goings on in Ferguson, MO have been of great concern to me. It appears that political correctness and race baiting have replaced common sense, law and order. 182 more words

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Oh, Why Not?

I read this over at Steve Layman’s Blog this morning. A little irreverant for some, but “Pythonesque” for others. 15 more words

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Being There

The eyes give it away….patience….unconditional love.

The good news is that nothing needs to be said… it is a form of “Ministry of Presence”

Some days, it is enough just to be there, in the momment. 14 more words

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Pathway From Pumpernickle

For over a decade, I have served on the CSRA advisory board for what was Wachovia Bank and what is now Wells Fargo Bank. This board has seen different levels of activity over the years, but it appears we are now having regular, quarterly meetings. 161 more words

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That Explains That

With the weekend in sight, here is an article about how we will forget the names of people we meet, immediately after we meet them. 8 more words

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