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Celebrating Our Favorite Gladiator! Happy Birthday Kerry

It’s a special day because Kerry Marisa Washington was born today 38 years ago. Kerry is a very special woman . She is strong, caring, and super talented. 537 more words


"Used" dog!

Adopting a dog, as most of you would already know, opens up a whole additional aspect to your world. With Ray, our constant visits to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society and subsequent drawing from their expertise has been an education, and the contacts made invaluable. 581 more words


Antonen: Ρέυ - 1

Ξύπνησε. Έβαλε κατευθείαν τον δίσκο. Τύμπανα, κλαρινέτο, πιάνο τρομπέτα. Ένταση στο τέρμα. Κοίταξε έξω από το παράθυρο. Επιτέλους, νύχτα. Έπλυνε την κακιά του φάτσα. Ξυρίστηκε. Παντελόνι μαύρο. Πουκάμισο, γιλέκο , σακάκι, γραβάτα, καπέλο. Κοιτάχτηκε στον καθρέφτη. Σωστός κύριος.

Naked on the RUN - Presentinho de natal

Oiiii Geeentee!!!

Ganhei de natal da minha irmã essa paleta LINDAAAA e MARAVILHOOOOOSAAAA!!!

Estava super ansiosa pra fazer este post, fiquei um mês esperando pra conseguir usar a minha camera pobrinha, porém descobri que só a camera do meu celular é boa pras fotos =( !!! 197 more words


I need love, desperately

I am empty now. I have swallowed all my sorrows. I am drunk on my mistakes. People say love gives you a single ray of hope, enough to keep you going. 160 more words