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The Igo-M Clone $11.87

The Igo-M has been cloned, no big surprise there. This clone has most of the features of the original from Youde, and some nice touches that make it very appealing. 241 more words


POLITIK - Malaysiakini, RBA kongsi agenda


KUALA LUMPUR 8 April – Portal propembangkang, Malaysiakini yang dalam banyak perkara membuat laporan tidak bersandarkan fakta sebaliknya gemar bermain sentimen bagi memburuk-burukkan imej kerajaan disifatkan tidak ubah seperti Red Bean Army (RBA). 233 more words


Unemployment rate drop unlikely to trigger rate hike

As economists are often wont to say, the March labour market figures are decidedly ‘noisy’.
The unemployment rate is down (a 0.2 percentage point drop to 5.8 per cent), but so is the participation rate (also slipping 0.2 of a percentage point to 64.7 per cent. 502 more words

Economic Calendar Asia Session

The headliner for this evening’s schedule are the Australian Employment numbers. Besides being a important measure, what makes this particularly important to me is the volatility in the actual versus the expectations. 146 more words

Event Calendar

Clones for sale

I’ve decided to get rid of any clones in my collection. Most are new or have only been built once. I’ve included links so you can see the specs and original prices on FastTech. 126 more words


When did the Fed Reserve come into existence? See the interactive map to find out

The US Federal Reserve is celebrating 100 years of existence this year, while the Reserve Bank of India is celebrating its 80th.

The European Central Bank, meanwhile, is celebrating its 16th year, making it one of the youngest major central banks around. 90 more words