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The Green Party, and The Zeitgeist Movement

For the last three months, I have been working on planning & preparation for a series of events to run from 2015-2016, called EMERGENCE. No details have been announced yet, but it’s no secret that the events are intended to connect… 878 more words

The Robot Apocalypse

This article is written by Tyler Willis, a Vice President at Unified.  It is part of the continued alarm that is being sounded about automation and the change it will drive in our current economic model.   135 more words

Resource Based Economy

Bill Gates: Yes, robots really are about to take your jobs.

“People say I’m crazy doin what I’m doing” (John Lennon). Well…I posted the other day the CEO of Google telling everyone that automation is coming in business and will take your jobs away…Now listen to Bill Gates telling you the same thing. 192 more words

Resource Based Economy

What Really Motivates Us Isn't Money

Many think I am crazy for supporting an economic system void of money and the wrongful motivations it creates. I love this video, as it hits the point through valid testing…people are not more motivated by money and profit beyond simple, rudimentary tasks and functions. 93 more words

Visions of the future

From what we understand of technical sciences and the physical world, and how much our progresses, if set free, could impact the every aspects of our social dimension, one can but feel compelled to draw this conclusion: That the future is beautiful. 839 more words


Re-Envisioning The Vision

(Disclaimer, I’m not stating any of this as truth, just my knowledge and understanding thereof, feel free to dig in deep for yourself though!)

So I’ve been a part of a research project since just a few months ago, which I can’t give the entirety of the details of. 2,073 more words


The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind (Debt Ceiling Truth)

I watched this from a post made by Collective Evolution on their Facebook page.  I wanted to share it, because it really breaks down the complete money-creation process we have in existence today in an easy-to-digest video.  175 more words