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Wordplay: Big Kannon vs Ill Will

Unexpected match but nonetheless a war of words. Big Kannon is underrated as a battler. He’s great with punchlines and wordplay. Ill Will is a beast but past few battles (not including X-Factor) weren’t his best showings but this was truly a return to form. 48 more words

Battle Rap


I dont think Smack as a lot to worry about, but it would make me nervous if other leagues are getting hi quality battles.  All that shows me is they have money to toss around.   22 more words

Swave Sevah vs Show Off, Mr Miyagi vs. the young talented student


@swavesevah vs @Showoffs_Talent

Swave, the eternal gatekeeper, was once again here to teach one of those youngsters… Funny, when you see Swave on stage you never know if he’s tired of battling or truly laid-back. 817 more words

Battle Rap

The Green Party, and The Zeitgeist Movement

For the last three months, I have been working on planning & preparation for a series of events to run from 2015-2016, called EMERGENCE. No details have been announced yet, but it’s no secret that the events are intended to connect… 878 more words