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Swing into Leeds best restaurants for less with Pink Gorilla

What’s big, pink and hairy, and brings endless amounts of pleasure to the people of Leeds? No, it’s not what you’re thinking (don’t be so cheap), why it’s the Pink Gorilla of course. 494 more words

Food And Drink

Pro-Choice News Roundup: Buffer Zones, Satanists, and the Notorious RBG

Massachusetts Buffer Zone Is Baaaaack: The Supreme Court may not recognize women’s right to enter health clinics undisturbed (though they allow themselves a nice big buffer zone… 241 more words

Finished Objects

I was pretty productive over the weekend on the crafting front. I finished my tote bag/purse, and I’m really happy with it. It was surprisingly easy to make, and I actually enjoyed the process. 140 more words


Earth Art Exhibition at RBG

“Ma fleur est éphémère, se dit Le Petit Prince, et elle n’a que quatre épines pour se défendre contre le monde! Et je l’ai laissée toute seule chez moi!”

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Is it too hot to sleep or am I just too cheap to buy an air conditioner?

A few days ago, I posited, among friends, that I enjoyed reading the decisions of Ruth Bader Ginsberg for their subtlety, general clarity of thought, and sensitivity-without-being-emotional-ness. 25 more words


Let's Talk About it: Hobby Lobby

For those of you living under a rock / not well versed in the political sphere / not on social media, this morning the Supreme Court of the US ruled in favor of the nation-wide craft store… and its a huge fucking problem. 1,184 more words