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Webby Wednesday: All Quiet on the Photo Front

As the year winds down to an end, I wanted to share a little project that I did but never got the chance to turn in. 679 more words


How to Make an Origami Butterfly

For my English presentation, I was uncertain about which origami demonstration to do. If I’m pressed for time, I could go to this post directly and present. 209 more words


Filling Idea Capsules

Hi. Remember when I was writing about how my group’s innovation project changed to the Idea Dispenser? Well, the machine finally arrived and a few days after, the capsules did too! 426 more words


RE: Framed How to braid like the ladies of GOT

Believe it, baby! You can get those fabulous twists n plaits like Margaery, Daenerys, and Cersei. And okay, so maybe I didn’t entirely come up with this tutorial, but I did screenshot the youtube video of it! 653 more words

RE: Framed

Cream Puffs

Finals are coming up and it’s totally stressing me out. All these tests and projects due a week before finals and I still have to study. 712 more words


Co-writing an Essay

Our assignment was to read two poems and analyze how adults provide explanations for children. We had to identify literary devices and how they are used to contribute meaning to the poem.   367 more words


How to Make an Origami Heart

My mom describes origami as folding paper artistically and drawing eyes on it. By artistically, she means the kind of art that’s literally a scribble but if you tilt your head and squint it kind of looks like a nose. 345 more words