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Article Marketing Success Is Only A Few Tips Away

A lot of online marketers have a unique ability to adapt to their surroundings and transform any campaign to fit any market. Does this mean they’re gifted or does it just mean that they know something you do not? 521 more words

Article Marketing

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I found this tips helpful especially to those who wanted to have a Blog to out win the blogging world. Great Tips in Article writing.

My piece for Labour Uncut

In January I wrote a piece for Labour Uncut on how Labour can protect the poorest and cut the deficit. It is reproduced for you lucky people below: 1,112 more words

Toss It, I Say

Many years ago while driving down the freeway, my son pulled his sock off, opened the window, and held it out. In his mind, the wind would fill the sock like a balloon (which he’d lost out the window earlier) and slow the car. 465 more words

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What it's like to be a senior

In August:

“We’re seniors! Time to celebrate!”


No Friday classes:


Finally getting Dook basketball tickets:


When my parents started pressuring me about finding a job: 109 more words

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Writing retreats aka binge writing: pros and cons

By Susan Carter

I am at a desk overlooking trees soaking up misty rain. This post represents a spasm of procrastination from the article that I’m writing on what is for me a new area of research interest. 611 more words

Supporting Doctoral Writing

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Wolf Medicine: Pathfinder - : SHIFT>

Shift March 25, 2014 Spirituality 0 Comments

“This fierce apex hunter teaches how to learn for yourself what is best for you and how to teach others what you have learned without controlling them.” 12 more words

How I Discovered Unconditional Love & How It Changed My Life | Collective-Evolution

March 25, 2014 by Elina St-Onge. 6 Comments.

“It’s been a year since we parted ways. This relationship has been significant in my life. It was the first time I moved out of my mom’s place to move in with a partner. 32 more words