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How do you find the GPS coordinates of your photos?

Source: http://www.digital-photo-secrets.com/tip/1401/how-do-you-find-the-gps-coordinates-of-your-photos/

Isn’t technology great? More and more cameras have GPS built right into them. The moment you take a photo, your camera records exactly where you took it. 1,004 more words


Thoughts on the movie "Priest"

Reprinted from 2011

Its 2:44 pm

I cut and sorted out coupons,grounded up a fresh batch of coffee and washed dishes. In the afternoon we made a quick run to the store and got a few items for the rest of the week. 264 more words


October Fashion

October Fashion

Morning wears crisp cotton and smoky tulle
woven through with gold light.

North Shore mountains are sensibly dressed
in darkest denim, their tops… 107 more words

Poetry Friday

A Letter to My Daughter: Winding Roads and Life Lessons.

Dear daughter,

In five days time you will be ten. 10-years-old! It only feels like yesterday when I held you in my arms for the very first time, pondering how I created something so truly beautiful.  1,569 more words


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Every kid deserves a letter from a parent like this. (Even though it was really hard to read after writing Part 11 of my M & E saga) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 This is raw honesty, pure love and absolutely beautiful!

Open Range

Re-printed from 27 Dec 11

Its 11:32 pm

Well if you are reading this,you have followed the link over from my Notes to here. And I like to thank you for that. 536 more words


John Maxwell’s Hatchet Committee

John Maxwell’s Hatchet Committee.

i know this doesn’t really fit with the rest of my blog but as someone who puts everyone else first, I need to keep this around. 9 more words


She Got A Gypsy Soul To Blame, She Was Made For Leavin'

She loved him

But he didn’t know how to love

He could talk about love

He could see love and feel love

But he couldn’t give love… 446 more words

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This is also my story... <3 (While every successful relationship requires two people who work at it and usually a failed relationship also takes two, sometimes, sometimes, a failed relationship takes only one. Especially when the other was playing a game and as soon as they 'won,' they stopped playing. I'm pretty sure her gypsy soul is not to blame. And, I'm pretty sure hers is a caterpillar soul, shoved and squeezed into a cocoon of expectations. It feels like death and she is trapped. But one day, when her wings have developed, she realizes that to stay hidden in the cocoon will result in a certain death. She will break free, she must. She will take tentative steps but then realize she is so much bigger, so much better, so beautiful. And able to fly away. <3 "Narcissists are like psychological vampires, attaching themselves to you in a way that drains you of your resources (emotional, mental and financial) and leaves you questioning your own worth and sanity. Often, narcissists are able to imitate or approximate caring about others when it is convenient for them to do so. However, they typically do not perceive that anything outside of their own sphere of wants and needs matters. It simply doesn’t occur to them to consider the needs of anyone else, or the long-term consequences of their own behaviors. Narcissists can be highly intelligent, witty, talented, likable, and fun to be around. They can also elicit sympathy like nobody’s business. Narcissists are opportunistic. They can make a show of being “generous” but their generosity usually has strings attached." - Out of the Fog http://outofthefog.net/Disorders/NPD.html