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A Re-Use for Small Candle Jars

I have three Big-Mama sized spider plants that are currently having a boat-load of babies each!  In order for the babies to grow roots after you pull them off the mama plant, you’ve got to put the baby bottoms in water.  22 more words

Gingersnaps. The art of the hand-me-down gift

If you don’t recycle gifts, you have most definitely been the receiver of a hated item. You won’t know it, but you’re a hand-me-down victim (probably repeat). 282 more words


foam packing peanuts 2

During some decluttering in the garage, I found another cache of foam packing peanuts. I have no idea when I bagged them. But I know the day I made the best of my bad choices and took them to the shipping franchise which says it will re-use them: today! 76 more words

Daily Shed

The Art of Re-gifting...

Japan is the land of gifts. The intricacies of gift-giving are challenging for non-Japanese to understand. I hear it’s particularly difficult for business people as a badly wrapped or improperly presented/received gift can derail a relationship. 458 more words

Cool Stuff In Japan

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and BURN

Trash is complicated here. Burnables go out on Tuesday and Friday. Weird things that you wouldn’t really think of, are considered burnable. The agency leaves us helpful little signs so we know what’s what: food, old sandals, bento boxes, plastic bags, plastic bottles (yep) and used chopsticks. 683 more words

Living Japanese Style

Wardrobe Hack the second - sleeveless dress to skirt in minutes

Greetings and long time no see, blog! Many things afoot in my life right now, so I haven’t had much time for sewing. This is actually a blog post I started on a number of months ago (around the time of my last post) but only got around to finishing now. 427 more words


Can-do Attitude

“Beans, beans, the magical fruit.
The more you eat, the more you toot.”

Caleb takes great pride in reciting this naughty rhyme every time we open a can of baked beans for brekkie. 217 more words

7. Sustainable Sunday