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on the 2014 University of Calgary Stabbings

My thoughts and sympathy are with the family of the five victims of last night’s stabbings in Calgary. Five young students, on the cusp of the summer of their lives, were senselessly taken away from their families, friends, and mentors. It’s just so senseless.


Hello all. I took a bit of a break from blogging but I’m back now. It’s the season for rebirth and beauty, life anew, cool nights, warm days and April showers. 166 more words


A Kids in the Hall Reunion

I don’t know what Spun Out is, but as I’m rediscovering Life Savers candies, I’m enjoying seeing the old boys or man-boys together again. It is also good to see Dave Foley with a job these days; he’s been behind in his alimony payments to his ex-wife and… 19 more words


The Ironies of Life and of Daily Politics

While I find it obvious that many middle-class people do not perceive themselves as middle-class, for instance by the criteria of Statistics Canada, I find it ironic that while they may bemoan the fact that their lives are far and isolated away from the cool, edgy, even dangerous lives of urban dwellers, wishing that they were edgy and poor too without a parental safety net, they will like-instinct support neoliberal policies precisely designed to fortify the walls between here and there, bland and cool, and of course rich and poor.

Tear down this wall!



Beloved – Truly Bright –
Oh–My! The Sparkle Eyes!
Lost Am I –Into So!
Incapable! Oh!
Star Struck! Divinity!
The Red Heart! My God! – Whites! 30 more words