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Don't wait

As you know, I’ve been blogging about mental health this week. An issue that is shrouded in so much stigma that it requires people being “brave enough” to share their stories. 283 more words



Hello people, I am back to the land of the internet and the world of blogging. I know I have been missing for ages now, and I pray you don’t hate me too much just for being away. 507 more words

We always hear about people’s stories in the news but I have just read a newspaper article that has truly brought me to tears! An 11 year old boy was found dead in his bedroom after hanging himself!

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Fit Body Boot Camp: Week Two, Day Two (What if I am the only one?)

It’s only week two.  It is only day two.

And then the paranoia sets in…

Laying in bed, feeling the soreness in my muscles; my brain wanders, unattended to dark recesses of fear. 615 more words


Prayer prompt for Saturday, Jan. 17

Do you only talk to people who make you look & feel good? Jesus reached out to the undesirables with as much (or more) interest as royalty.