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Youth Suicide - Spotting it before it's too late

Struggling to control her tears, Jai’s mother said, “I would love to know why… It’s the only question I have because not knowing the reason is what is keeping me from getting over it. 1,048 more words

Who am I?

Well i’m the average new girl, tired of bottling up feelings and opinions inside, searching for a viable medium to vent out.
Thus my first attempt at blogging. 89 more words


Teen Cyber-Bullied for Three Years

Emma, a first-year at the University of Wollongong, has been bullied face-to-face and over Facebook for three years. The abuse began in year ten for Emma, when she began to notice a darker side in her friend. 55 more words

Assessment 2

6 Ways to Brighten Someone's Day and Connect in a Technological World

Some days I feel like we live in a disconnected world.

I remember the days of gallivanting around the neighborhood to take in the sidewalk cracks, blooming lilacs, and people busy plucking weeds from their sidewalk-adjacent gardens. 1,316 more words


What can TagTooth do for you today?

What can TagTooth do for you today?

Meet Bob. He has just started a small business and things are looking good for him.

Well, today could have been a very tough day for him but with TagTooth’s help it turned out to be a happy one! 300 more words

Reach Out 2014: Reaching out, a hand at a time

Ever been in the same room as a magician who can juggle live explosives? Or someone who has skated across Canada and New Zealand, the USA and a large part of Australia, all on a skateboard? 802 more words

Taylormade Features

Moving on, restructuring, reconnecting.

So, here’s what I want you to do. Pick up the phone, scroll through your contacts, and find someone you haven’t spoken to in years. And I’m not just talking about a random number you have hiding among your contacts – I’m talking about… 601 more words