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How Do Volunteers Accomplish So Much?

International partnerships under Partners of the Americas have achieved amazing results through volunteers.  To find out how that is possible take a look at a new book.   135 more words


What I learned from my journey to the post office

Tuesday 11am. I was given a task. It was vaguely described so I had lots of questions. Unfortunately I was shy to ask because I thought I might be perceived stupid. 306 more words

Reveal your vulnerability by asking questions

It is the third time I go to this stupid machine called deposit ATM. I am trying to deposit money into my account. However, previous two times I failed because I could not find the damn button which would let me do it. 252 more words

Prayer prompt for Thursday, Dec. 4

What would it look like in our everyday lives if we loved mercy, as Micah 6:8 advises? How might our interactions with others be different?



A warning to readers: this blog entry, as the title suggests, is about suicide. I mean no offence by what I write.

A few months ago, I was overcome by shock and grief due to the death of Robin Williams. 346 more words

What Does Controlling a Disease Mean To You?

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon, tweeted across, Facebook shared, redditred an article about Kayla Montgomery.
Check out the original article HERE and watch the incredibly powerful video here: 1,846 more words



We all experience loneliness at some point of time. It’s not the best of feelings. For a person living with depression, loneliness or being alone can be dangerous. 274 more words