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The Mobile Poet - 005

As Ghosts

In this temporary confine,
We must discover,
How to become
As ghosts.
Manipulating the flesh but
Not governed by it.

For once we achieve our existence… 66 more words


Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

I remember when side-view mirrors came out with that statement: “Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”. That messed me up. Did they want me to have a wreck? 647 more words

Life Coaching

Week 27: Do something you're good at

Part of building self-confidence is enforcing strengths and this week I chose to focus on the things I am good at and build on those. After having a couple of weeks where I went through a (natural) phase of doubting my confidence, I decided it was time to get things back on track with a much-needed self-esteem boost. 625 more words

52 Week Challenge

Are you too busy to notice?

Hi friends,

A couple of you have requested a new post, which is very sweet of you, and definitely overdue! Here’s something I’ve been mulling on recently: 664 more words

Leadership Principles

Back to the Fund Board...

Hello Family, Friends and Fans of the show (Formally, F^3 for you regulars),

I hope this Monday finds you well and thanks for stopping by. I’d also like to extend a major thank you to my local friends that participated in making my 27th birthday last weekend warm and fulfilling and to all the online love and well wishes I have received. 631 more words


I Miss My Friends

There are relatively few things to complain about in the working from home scenario. The commute is great, the dress code is phenomenal, and the hours, while unpredictable, are typically less invasive than an 8-hour block of time scheduled into the middle of your day. 597 more words

Goodbye Stress

Lets face it. Sometimes, life gets stressful.

Whether you’re young or old, a student or a CEO, you’ve probably dealt with stress at one time or another. 416 more words