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Day 325: Homework for Us

As professionals in mental health, we have a lot of homework to do. During this national conference, we had special guest speaker from IMH Singapore, A/Prof Dr Daniel Fung. 169 more words


Tuesday November 18th, 2014: Acts 17:27

Hello! I’ve been reading Relentless by Jennie Allen and it is SO GOOD! I would highly recommend checking it out! If you know me, you’ll realize that I turn just about anything into a life lesson… Yeah I’m one of those people. 316 more words


You and Yourself

I am not trying to be pessimistic or anything, but many a times we do feel low, alone, and lonely…but remember, no matter how lonely you might feel, there is one person who is not going to abandon you till your dying breath, and that person is none other than you, yourself. 102 more words

A Feeling

Hope is the dream in our eyes

That never ceases

A dream that shines throughout the night

When at the end of the tunnel you see a light… 73 more words


It wasn't a handmade present, but a handwritten letter.

When I was young I had a few friends, one of them being stepney, we were friends for years. Since primary school. Now Stephanie’s mother, caroline used to look after us all and loved us all as if we were her kids. 165 more words


Introducing, SAARVS

What it stands for:
Sexual Assault and Rape Victim Support.

In the next 12 months I’ll be conducting a number of fundraising events, both in the UK and Australia. 344 more words