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♥ Music Video Reaction ♥ Henry - Fantastic ♥

Well, it definitely became fantastic Henry ♥♥ XD a very nice song~ 
Henry’s new song called “Fantastic”, released July 11 and is 4:40 minutes long~ 308 more words

♥ Music Video Reaction ♥ Kim Hyun Joong - Beauty ♥

What a Beauty, Beauty! Beauty Beauty!! He’s such a Beauty Beauty~!! hihi ♥‿♥
This is solo going to be stuck in my head for ages hahah XD Beauty Beauty~ ♪♪♪ 417 more words

Against #WomenAgainstFeminism

I just stumbled across the Women Against Feminism phenomenon, and I’m honestly overwhelmed.

For those who haven’t seen it, Women Against Feminism is a Tumblr blog featuring pictures of women holding self-written signs explaining why they are against feminism. 441 more words

Book Review 2: Fifty Shades of Grey

Ah, Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James.  It’s one of the most-talked-about portmanteaus of literature and graphic sex… so can it really be that bad?   624 more words


Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Reaction Video

Everyone else is doing it guys! Have you seen the trailer? What are your thoughts?

Share this video with anyone that is in need of a good laugh, unless this video didn’t make you laugh then just disregard that statement. 16 more words


AsSalam Alykum,

At that moment you wake up, you have to choose between being the action or the reaction. In other words as Stephan Covey called it, Proactive person or Reactive person. 342 more words


The Five Stages of Destiny Hype

A gamer’s journey of anticipation for Bungie’s upcoming game ranges from disinterest to sadness to sheer mania.