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Civilization: Beyond Earth Makes Me Way Too Excited

Jack spews his love for Sid Meier’s Civilization and his excitement over the recently announced Civilization: Beyond Earth, all over the internet for your enjoyment.


Your work in the news with a little help from us

We often get asked what coverage can be generated by our projects so we thought we’d give you a little taster of what we have acheived with recent projects. 368 more words

Who Would You Give The Look As This Dramatic Chipmunk Gives ! Unarguably Funny !

Have your ever given a dramatic look to somebody ? I am sure many times in your life. This video is perhaps one of best funny videos under 10 seconds. 87 more words


Mom Panda Got Sacred By Sneezing Baby Panda ! Too Funny & Cute

What happens when someone close to you sneeze suddenly ? Either you don’t react or get momentarily scared. This is what happened in this video wherein Mother Panda got scared momentarily as if what happened when baby panda sneezed. 70 more words


Way Back Wednesdays - Bridal Mask - Episode 3

So, Episode 3 of Bridal Mask was really difficult to get through. It’s excellently produced, but the content was just hard to watch.

Lee Kang To was such a jerk in this episode I wanted to scream. 359 more words


A Message for All Traditional Christians

Skip to Call for Legionairres

To all my readers:

As you can probably discern with great ease, the world we live in today is but a shadow of the world that used to be. 2,808 more words


Why I Thought I Was a Sociopath

My brother and I used to think we were sociopaths. Not because we blacked out and woke up in the woods covered in blood from the small animals we just killed, but because we thought we reacted unnaturally to almost everything. 515 more words