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Neverland Chapter 3

eter and I met a block away from my house the following day. I hadn’t yet told my parents about Peter. They’d always been very protective about those kinds of things. 1,141 more words


Neverland Chapter 2

The day went by slowly, I thought nightfall would never come. I tried entertaining myself with television, drawing in my sketchbook, I even made myself a few snacks out of bordem. 1,402 more words


Neverland Chapter 1

In the seventeen years I’d been alive we’d lived in four different places. Silvercrest, where I lived out the last of my teenage years, would make it five. 860 more words


Pern: The Dragon Riders & The Harper's Hall

The first time I laid eyes on a portal to Pern was on my parent’s bookshelf. The thick book was old and worn. It actually looked like a well loved bible. 260 more words