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Hey everyone!
I know that I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog, but honestly there hasn’t been any time!
Let’s get to it… 862 more words

Spring Cleaning & Organization Tips! <3

These will be my options for Spring cleaning and organizing, considering I’ve redone my bedroom about 20+ times since it warmed up here. LOL! But first, let me just apologize for no new post in almost a month! 488 more words

For you, just in case.

I had a moment today.  One of those moments where a memory invades your mind with such abruptness and intensity that you’re forced to pause and allow it to run its course.   719 more words

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Only when it suits me really....

Having to maintain a personal online diary really doesn’t seem to hard when you think about it…right?

Well it actually is!
I feel like I have these swings of epiphanies, where I have this great topic to write about, or where I think maybe some publisher or producer will read my entries and be like “Let’s make a fucking star out of this shit”. 96 more words

On compelling videos

Educause has a piece on what makes instructional vidoes compelling. Little surprise, the most viewed have content dealing directly with course activities.

Blended Learning

Arsenal-related musings

So it’s a while since I last did a blog post. Perhaps I should apologise, but I doubt anyone cares. This is one of those ones where I just need to write down what I’m thinking, so don’t expect it to make sense or be organised. 490 more words

Things I've Written

The purpose of this blog... and general guidelines

Is to talk about traveling! Also, to show off some cool photos. 

Over the next few months, I’m going to be updating this blog with articles about traveling. 377 more words