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Postcards from New Zealand

I received a book from my kiwi family that I previously mentioned in another post. It’s a beautiful book. My aunt sent it for my housewarming slash twentieth birthday present. 10 more words


Bibliophile #3


Books have influenced lives in all sorts of ways. But we don’t often hear these personal stories.

Call Me Ishmael is an inspiring project that encourages readers to anonymously share their stories. 237 more words

Blurred Lines

It was clear to me it was strictly just physical 
He could care-less about my mental but would play along if that meant getting closer to the first position  162 more words

The only way to learn to write is to write.

- Peggy Teeters


Day Seventeen: You Were Once Slaves

Good morning everyone!  I decided I needed to get up and get at it today.  Otherwise, I’ll get busy and it’ll be bedtime before I get around to the blog and all I will really want to do is go to bed… 2,396 more words


Are Bikes the Black Hole of Bike Shop Profitability?

A new financial study confirms a sad truth about bicycle retailing: most bike shops do not make a profit on the sale of new bicycles. 599 more words

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EnGROSSed in Social Media

I’m realizing that I since I don’t have time to check my social media during the day due to my duties at work, I spend my free time at home on and off of my different social media sites until I go to sleep. 216 more words