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Tainted Light - What once was there

Natsu woke up, it was a few days after Tartarous had crushed Fairy Tail, and Magnolia for that matter. “Natsu?”, Lucy questioned,his eyes we open but, he didn’t seem awake. 432 more words

Fairy Tail

1. What Have You Done To Me

A few months ago, I never thought I would feel the way I do, or write this about you, and yes I admit, I’m whipped, off my feet I’m swept, what have you done to me so quick?! 170 more words

Online Writing

The End Of A Chapter, And The Beginning Of A New One

The previous post was the end of the high school story, proving that no matter how strong your emotions may be, you can still get over them eventually, and at this young age, there are no strong enough emotions to be called love, even if we believed it was. 108 more words

Online Writing

Myread: My name is not konnichiwa

I like to travel, and i love the planning process. Researching and reading about the places and imagining I am already there and looking though all  the travel blogs and books makes me happy. 314 more words


Just to make it all a bit clearer

Dear, whoever who is reading this, I’m happy to inform you that you have discovered my blog. Well, if being more precise the first post on my blog. 398 more words


An Abundance of Katherines: Quote one of many

14% in and already in love with this book. What is it about John Greens writing that just inspires me to love life.

What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable.


The First Phone Call from Heaven

When someone you love dies, a connection with that person is lost. You don’t get to see them or even talk to them any more. We will never know if it’s same the other way around. 285 more words