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My itchy problem started in May with a few little bumps that looked like bug bites. (Not mosqiutos) they were on my left knee and shin.

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Using 'Taboo: The Game of Unspeakable Fun' to Teach Impulse Control

Taboo isn’t just for dinner parties! Here’s a fun intervention idea submitted by reader Charity Armbruster that uses the game to treat impulse control. Ms. Armbruster earned a gift certificate to  484 more words

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Snow White: An Archetypal Journey

Here’s a very interesting article submitted by reader Martha Nodar on the subject of archetypes. Ms. Nodar earned a gift certificate to childtherapytoys.com for her submission. 375 more words

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The Use of Art Therapy With Children and Adolescents Who Have a Trauma History

Art Therapy has a longer, richer history than one might think. This excellent paper submitted by reader Paula Jensen delves into the origins and evolution of this creative intervention and, more specifically, its many applications in treatment of trauma. 548 more words

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ALLERGY STORIES: Radiation Does Not Make Super Heroes

Several years ago, I started noticing that I had chronic problems.  I was always sensitive, but I started to break really easily, was always gasping for breath even though I had no asthma, etc. 

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Cremey Survey - How Do YOU Feel About Creampies?

For the last few months, my readers have been hearing from me regarding my pathway from being a husband who avoided unnecessary contact with his own semen to one who can barely contain himself after filling his wife’s vagina. 268 more words

Cleaning Up Her Creampie

Pinterest as a therapeutic tool!

Here’s another great submission from Megan Boyd. Ms. Boyd received a certificate to childtherapytoys.com for her submission. Learn how you can do the same!

I am so excited to share this intervention with you guys!! 378 more words

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