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Mirror dance

Mirror dance / Lois McMaster Bujold

I figure it’s about time for another Vorkosigan post.  Since this is the beginning of some relatively major changes in the series, I’m going to be throwing pretty much the whole thing under the cut. 572 more words

Book Review

Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?: The Epic Saga of the Bird that Powers Civilization, by Andrew Lawler

The title of this book poses an interesting question: why do chickens occur all over the world, and have for a long time? The short answer is that people took them around the globe because they are useful and noble birds. 460 more words


Penguins: The Ultimate Guide, by Tui De Roy, Mark Jones and Julie Cornthwaite

As the title says, Penguins: The Ultimate Guide is a guide book, but here in Williamsburg we are very unlikely to see a penguin landing on our bird feeder and pushing off the chickadees, so today’s book… 478 more words


Heart Transplant, by Andrew Vachss and Frank Caruso

Laura shares this review:

Heart Transplant is a story about bullying that is both engrossing and heartwarming. In the opening narration, a kid named Sean takes down the movie clichés about high school life, where outsiders are able to rise above their social position when the popular kids realize they are a beautiful swan instead of an ugly duckling, or the beautiful girl learns about how great the nerd is on the inside and rejects her jock boyfriend. 333 more words

Readers' Advisory

Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything, by Theodore Gray

Everything is made of something and on a scale that ordinary people (by ordinary people I mean me) can understand everything is made of elements and molecules. 392 more words


"One Elephant Went Out To Play" - A Book Review by Paul Rutledge

“One Elephant Went Out To Play”, by Sanja Rescek, is a part of the “Classic Books with Holes” series from Child’s Play International Limited. This book is about a group of elephants playing on a spider’s web, as they count how many elephants they can fit on the web. 348 more words

Children's Book Review

The Oldest Living Things in the World, by Rachel Sussman

Several months ago a group of us here at Williamsburg Regional Library presented The Top Five of Five for Non Fiction at the Virginia Library Association Conference. 469 more words