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The Priest

Much like an island, things here were becalmed. In the upper atmosphere, things would alter and change, but down to ground level, it was always the same. 1,265 more words


Some Fantastic Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction is a comparatively new genre and style of writing, but it’s taken off like gangbusters. When I first started reading and looking into flash fiction as a high school student back in the early 2000s, I was skeptical. 423 more words

A Modern Folk Hero?

Yesterday, August 31st 2014, as I have been informed by a stream of posts on my facebook newsfeed, 443 people gathered in Temple Newsom, in Leeds, in an attempt to break the world record for… 2,036 more words

The Reader Is ALWAYS right

Doesn’t it feel good when you walk into your favorite shops and you’re bombarded with help and hundreds of thousands of employees catering to your every whim? 63 more words

Getting It Together

This is the cover of the Clare and I collection on wattpad.com.

Publishing the book on-line has been a pain in the neck. I love the opportunity and the possibilities digital printing offers but, for each site I’m on, there’s a whole new layer of technical capabilities/directions/rules/kinks.   700 more words

Ian Mcewin: Very Few Novels Earn Their Length

In a recent interview the author, Ian Mcewin argued that very few novels earn their length. Mcewinn states that he likes to read novels in one sitting and many longer works would benefit from being considerably shorter. 85 more words

Looking for readers, writers, editors and fans...

Do you love to read fun, flirty tales of romance?  The Story of Marjorie Barnes (the ebook) is the tale of an independent woman who becomes romantically and professionally entangled with an older, dominant man. 57 more words