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Why Readers and Writers Should Check Out Wattpad

If you’re an avid reader like me, chances are you already have Goodreads and Amazon accounts.

A look back at all the books I read in 2014, so many left off, but it's great start.

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Friday Highlights 117

Haven’t watched many series this week, but have squeezed in a couple movies. The Equalizer, a thriller with Denzel Washington, wasn’t bad, though I admit to being so tired I fell asleep the first time I tried watching. 501 more words

Jackie Jones

Are You Not Entertained?

When people tell me that the publishing industry is dying, I’m always the advocate for books: “Books will never die!” “Don’t you see people reading?” “There’s too much sentimentality in turning pages for books to ever die completely!” But during these past few weeks, I started to think a little harder about it. 820 more words

Do not make reading difficult

Writing clearly means getting rid of all the obstacles that make reading difficult. For the master of concision, Jules Renard, the style “as pure as fresh water” is obtained through hard work, “through wearing itself down on stones.” Therefore, his premise is that readers understand it with the same clarity as he understood himself while writing. 82 more words


This Is Why People Don't Volunteer

. . . or at least one of the reasons.*  When people volunteer, instead of thanking these volunteers, people complain.  This Christmas season I was sure to thank my volleyball co-coach, Girl Scout co-leader, my girls’ teachers, and the school security team (especially in this day and age).  412 more words