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T is for Talented Atozchallege

Have you ever wondered what your talents are? When l was young, I wanted to be so  many different things in life. First it was a nurse, than a teacher,than a doctor. 149 more words

Krystol Diggs

Run For Your Life

Vincent ran, faster than he’d ever managed before; scared, yet also elated he’d managed to out-manoeuvre his wife’s murderous attack on him. Darkness engulfed him as he continued his flight down the endlessly long, dark tunnel. 852 more words

New Author

NaPoWriMo - Thoughts on eReaders

I always like to chat to others about books,
Like what genre of books they like to read.
But when it comes to eReaders,
I’m not really that keen.
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Please Unfollow My Blog

REALLY ? SERIOUSLY ? You wasted both our time by posting a comment on my about page, for that ?

Look I don’t need to know if you unfollowed me, I’m not petty about it, we’re grown ups not kids playing school-yard games. 527 more words

Don Charisma

A Fumbling Hand

Hey, why I am writing a blog post today? I mean, didn’t I just finish writing and editing my first novel? Shouldn’t I be celebrating or something? 221 more words