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Buying back my bragging rights

Listened to a song today, very sexually suggestive like they often are these days. Long story short, the young man in the song is telling the woman he is singing for that they are going to lay down together now and she is to hold on to him tight while he does some stuff I can’t write here to her. 358 more words

Eve Diaries

Notes between the colours

Part 1:

We call for Purple
to turn into night
and find that Green is
common and trite
When Red performs
in fire and motion… 126 more words


Spotlight & Giveaway for Rogue (The Novi Orders #1)

Rogue (The Novi Orders # 1) by Chelsie Shock

Publication Date: June 27, 2014

Genres: Science fiction, Dystopian

In the future the New World has suffered bombings, world wars, the tectonic plates have shifted, the population has seen sicknesses, radiation spills, genetically modified animals and humans, and the population has dwindled into two classes: The elites and everyone else. 699 more words


The Unwritten Story

There are few things sadder than recommending a well-loved book to a friend and discovering that they do not love it as well.

Even putting aside the friendship-ending fights (“If you do not love ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ as much as I do, you obviously don’t share my life values!”), it is an uncomfortable reminder of how much of the story is written not on the page, but in the life we bring to the reading. 305 more words

Always #LikeAGirl

I feel like Always has finally heard of my annoyance with brands like Dove or Pantene who are trying way too hard than they should have to in order to grab the attention of 49% of the world population. 417 more words

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