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Are You a Literary Snob? 6 Signs to Watch For

Is reading literature a form of snobbery? Literature has always been associated with the upper class because traditionally only rich people have access to it. They are also more likely to have the education necessary to appreciate literature. 641 more words


Short Take: Ride Around Shining - Chris Leslie-Hynan

Just listened to a great review by Maureen Corrigan on Fresh Air about this. Ride Around Shining is the story of a young white chauffeur’s envy and manipulation of his wealthy employer, a black Portland Trailblazers’ star.   139 more words


Gone Girl, Gilliam Flynn

While there is a pop-fiction feel to the premise, the inter-changing narrative voices, is a clever ploy. But it is the satirical view of the American-Murdoch inspired media and play on crime fiction genre that make this a literary-lite novel of the highest standard. 353 more words


Book Review by Catherine Faherty

Songs of the Gorilla Nation, by Dawn Prince-Hughes, PhD

A Review by Catherine Faherty

Ten years ago my friend Emoke B’Racz, founder and owner of Malaprop’s Bookstore, handed me a pre-publication edition of a new book about autism with the request that I read it and let her know what I thought; should Malaprop’s carry this book? 1,514 more words


Sneak Peek: Gutenberg's Apprentice

I’ll have a full review of this in a month or so, but if you want to read a suspenseful historical novel about one of the world’s greatest tech start ups, keep an eye out for this one. 139 more words


A Little Birdie Told Me

One aspect of blogging that is a definite benefit is finding new titles to read. Goldfinch by Donna Tarrt is one of those titles. Considering it received the Pulitzer and had so many varied reviews–Loved it!” “Hated it!” I had to decide for myself. 435 more words


Why Read Books?

Because you have to!

Many of us do not find reading books as a fun activity. Maybe because we have never made it a habit and now that we’re working, we just don’t find time for it. 708 more words