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Sneak Peek: Gutenberg's Apprentice

I’ll have a full review of this in a month or so, but if you want to read a suspenseful historical novel about one of the world’s greatest tech start ups, keep an eye out for this one. 139 more words


A Little Birdie Told Me

One aspect of blogging that is a definite benefit is finding new titles to read. Goldfinch by Donna Tarrt is one of those titles. Considering it received the Pulitzer and had so many varied reviews–Loved it!” “Hated it!” I had to decide for myself. 435 more words


Why Read Books?

Because you have to!

Many of us do not find reading books as a fun activity. Maybe because we have never made it a habit and now that we’re working, we just don’t find time for it. 708 more words


Renovation Part I

We are living through a renovation!! We are 2 weeks in to the 5 week Reno timeline. Please continue to watch for more updates and pictures!!! 69 more words

Reading & Books



Watch this amazing video by Colbie Caillat about being yourself.

Always be yourself no matter what.

Reading & Books

Book of the Week: Bad Feminist - Roxane Gay

This astute, witty collection of essays has had a gathering trajectory. In recent weeks I’ve had more and more requests for reads.  And publicity is emailing pretty much every day with new coverage commitments. 400 more words


Short Take: A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall - Will Chancellor

Rife with literary allusion, romance and comedy, this is a coming of age story of among the academics. 6’8” Owen Burr was bound for the Olympics until he was blinded in one eye. 279 more words