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How Your Brain Perceives Time

We celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday a few weeks back. The gathering was at our home and her in-laws were some of the guests that came to celebrate. 580 more words
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Supplementary Culture Article: Disability, Difference, and Left-handedness in China and America

This is another great article from the VOA Student Union website that I use in culture class to help my students compare and contrast cultures. This particular article explores the views toward disability and difference in their home country, China, and the United States, the country we’re studying. 75 more words

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Supplementary Culture Article: Asians Immigrate to the Canadian Pacific

In English-Speaking Countries class, we discuss Canada. My students are Chinese and are always interested in learning about Chinese traveling to or settling in other countries, so this article seemed like a good connection. 54 more words

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Supplementary Culture Article: New Zealand's Maori People

This article compliments the New Zealand fact sheet. When we discuss the Maori people, we take a few minutes to read this article in order to more deeply explore the background of the Maori and how some of New Zealand’s traditional culture interacts with its more modern culture. 38 more words

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Survey of Ireland with Comprehension Questions {Free Worksheet}

When I introduce Ireland to my students, we read this short selection about various aspects of Irish culture including food, dance, sayings, and pubs. Students answer comprehension questions on the second page. 23 more words

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Essential Skills Advantage **Review**

Essential Skills Advantage is for children in grades K-6. This is an online program to help children with reading and language skills. How is ESA different from every other online learning program? 1,045 more words

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How do I help my child figure out difficult words? She stumbles, stops and looks helplessly at me.

Many reasons exist for children stumbling on difficult words.

  • It could be “the code,” the way that certain sounds correspond to certain letter patterns in English.
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