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Đó là câu trả lời thường gặp trong các kì thi tiếng anh, khi được hỏi: “what’s your hobby?”. Gần như 60-70% mọi người sẽ dành cho sách một chỗ trong những thú vui giờ rảnh của mình. 950 more words

October Edition of #Read2Riches: Social Media And Reading Culture.

See, nobody liked my facebook selfie and my beautifully crafted post for the past 5 days. This is very annoying!

I have not gotten a Retweet or mention in the last 168 hours even with my numerous tweets and massive following. 273 more words

The Future of Reading? Memories and Thoughts toward a Genealogical Approach

by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s “The Future of Reading? Memories and Thoughts Toward a Genealogical Approach” asks a fundamental question: How does the younger generation of students and readers approach a text, and in which ways does their constant reading via one online device or another, as a ubiquitous electronic background activity, change their experience of interacting with the printed word?

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