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Yesterday a friend of mine was more or less forcing down my throat,the theory about how the world will end up getting pissed off at all the pollution humanity is responsible for,flush us all into the afterlife,and use our bodies as compost to rubuild the natural world..(which it appears my friend does not feel we are a part of..).Now, Im no ‘all-knowing-prophet’ so I cant say for sure,that this theory may have something to do with the fact that she is at that time of the month again,and wants a lot of people dead for various reasons.But whether that’s the reason behind her theory or not,I found her revelation to me quite stupid at the point she started that monologue.But as it often happens,at night,when everyone else was sound asleep,and all the lights were off,and I was alone in my room,my mind started with the ‘what ifs’.What if,that theory had some truth in it?What if,it was planning to flush us dead the next day?What if i was the lone survivor?What if,I wasnt????Goodness there cannot be any truth to it!Id be past tense if it flooded humanity.I cant swim at all,and I doubt floating on my back is even a possiblity on raging water.Ahahaha…I laugh with bitterness at the stupidity of that thought.Floating on my back on….and then,that would be so unfair if the earth was concious enough to get mad at all the pollution,but not know exactly who was doing it..alot and flood THEM.I mean,some of us dont even drive those O-zone layer destroying things..not exactly because we dont want to…point is we dont.Dont matter what the reason is.And speaking for myself here,I love nature,and I am vocal against deforrestation and littering and well,a lot of other things.So here it is.If the earth is so concious about what happens on it,it better have heard me defending them trees and grass and water bodies,and leave me out of its grand plan of global Man-ridding(is that even a word?).You know what I meant.And if the theory ends up holding no water(pun intended),for purposes of future reference,I knew it.So anyway,I hear the sea level is rising.Mmmh.Swimming instructor anywhere?


Classics Club Spin List

Here’s my first Classics Spin list. On Monday Aug 11, The Classics Club will post a number between 1-20. That will be the book that I must read by October 6th. 215 more words


Anthropology 101: Meet the 'Nacirema'

If you have ever taken a basic anthropology course, you probably have read Horace Miner’s, Body Ritual among the Nacirema.

One of the hardest things, but most basic skills that an anthropologist must learn to do is to see and understand how they are objects of culture. 451 more words


A Talk with Sueddie Agema

Sueddie Agema is a poet, publisher, and cultural enthusiast. He’s the Executive Director and founder of Sevhage Literary & Development Initiative; and the current Chair, the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Benue state. 571 more words


Nigerians and the reading culture

                                                                                           NIGERIANS read for profit. Not for most Nigerians the studious attitude with which people read books and newspapers in countries. The difference is not in the literacy level, as some are wont to suggest. 414 more words


Podcasts for the Lit-Lovers

Are podcasts still a thing? I feel like I missed the phase when society was really into podcasts, and I skipped straight to the Youtube craze. 408 more words