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A Talk with Sueddie Agema

Sueddie Agema is a poet, publisher, and cultural enthusiast. He’s the Executive Director and founder of Sevhage Literary & Development Initiative; and the current Chair, the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Benue state. 571 more words


Nigerians and the reading culture

                                                                                           NIGERIANS read for profit. Not for most Nigerians the studious attitude with which people read books and newspapers in countries. The difference is not in the literacy level, as some are wont to suggest. 414 more words


Podcasts for the Lit-Lovers

Are podcasts still a thing? I feel like I missed the phase when society was really into podcasts, and I skipped straight to the Youtube craze. 408 more words


Ten Tips For Reading With Your Child

Reading helps the child to improve his/her vocabulary, improves their writing skills, allows them to engage in a vast array of subjects and themes and provides healthy pleasure. 439 more words

Learn With You

Thank You, Teachers

Do you ever miss your high school teachers? Do you ever thank them for making such a deep impression on you?

I found out that one of my high schools (in United States) motioned to remove Reading activities out of English class. 387 more words


"Donut" Muse: Reading Culture


I remember when I was in primary school, I had to beg for books to read from rich friends in my class… all the Enid Blyton books; famous five, secret seven, R.L. 408 more words

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