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weekend reading list

Here’s what I’ve been reading/enjoying this week! Have a great weekend, friends.


Winter Reading List

Wrathful winds in raging skies wrestle with the sun;
Leaves are lashed loose from the trees and lie on the ground
And the grass becomes grey which was green before.

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My List Of Recommended Books

For those who have wondered how I have grown to love the prophetic and the supernatural since this is all I blog about… First God opens your eyes to His Word, gives you the desire and hunger to develop your gifts and then you can grow from there. 886 more words


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I finally updated this list with a few more readings I did this year. Feel free to share your favorites in comments, that deal with the same topics of the prophetic and the supernatural realm.


The post-CRomnibus Wall Street Journal Op-Ed section – the national crony capitalist establishment BIG government Republican posting board – in the last few days is seething with hate of Conservatives. 602 more words


ROVE - G.O.P.ologist

Reading today’s Karl Rove column in the Wall Street [& Chamber of Commerce / Crony Capitalist] Journal is an exercise in frustration. The article is the embodiment of establishment Republican small ball on policy matters, timidity in acting like an opposition party, and an apology for the Boehner-McConnell CRomnibus sell out that undermined the incoming Congressional majority. 404 more words


Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 3 – The End And All Of Those Fun Extras! (Part 5)

This is it! Only two short episodes left and then all of the fun bonus features that hopefully makes up for the onslaught of book/episode recaps. 2,365 more words


The 2014 Round-up: books read

For years I’ve been all like “oh I wish I had kept a record of all the books I’ve read so I could look back at the lifetime list and be smug about it,” but I never got around to keeping track. 2,248 more words